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www.WasabiWallet.io is an open source noncustodial Bitcoin wallet developed and offered by www.zkSNACKs.com Ltd. There are many Bitcoin wallets available for use but Wasabi is different from the others in its privacy focus.

Since Bitcoin transactions are traceable, there is a need for a wallet that specializes on privacy. While making bank wire transfers, electronic money transfers (PayPal, etc.) we enjoy financial privacy, since other than the service provider, no one is able to find out information on our spendings, nor our account balances. Why don’t we deserve the same privacy while using Bitcoin? Wasabi Wallet not only facilitates the level of privacy as our traditional banking system does, but goes a step further and even provides privacy for you against the service provider. Against Wasabi Wallet itself. Wasabi is an open source, MIT licensed, free software. If you wish to contribute or want to find out the nuts and bolts of it, please visit our GitHub page.

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