5 Comments on World Crypto Network #LIVE from Hacker Congress 2018 at Paralelní Polis (Day 3 – Part 2)

  1. these people know what they are talking about and what they say they know very well what the subject is about and they are great

  2. 0:00 Peter Todd @peterktodd, Giacomo Zucco @giacomozucco
    53:08 Dr Michael Laufer @MichaelSLaufer
    1:44:39 Stepan Snigirev @StepanSnigirev
    2:05:50 Max Keidun @hodlhodl @keidunm
    2:37:15 Theo Goodman @theog__

  3. Very entertaining. Cutting edge thought? Human idiosyncrasy?
    Leaves me with the feeling that A.I. will crush us like a ton of bricks. We’ll never know what hit us…

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