What’s Blockstream up to? Larry Nahum ~ Understanding Bitcoin

To make Green the best it can be, we’ve rebuilt the iOS and Android applications from the ground up. Based on the new Green Development Kit (“GDK” – more on this soon!), Green has been optimised for speed and performance, while the interface has been completely redesigned to provide the user experience people expect from a top-tier Bitcoin app.

We’ve retained the same multisig security that our existing users know and love, while packing in a whole host of advanced features that should get our power users excited.

Understanding Bitcoin conference is organized with a focus on the non-technical, non-developer users that want to increase their knowledge and technical participation in the Bitcoin network. Not everyone has the skills to take full advantage of what Bitcoin has to offer, so this event will help the average user be more familiar with best practices and understanding all aspects of interacting with the Bitcoin network. There will be practical hands on presentations of how to set up features, along with theoretical discussions removing the FUD and misconceptions surrounding the current state of Bitcoin’s Trustless Network.

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4 Comments on What’s Blockstream up to? Larry Nahum ~ Understanding Bitcoin

  1. Can’t wait for this. EPS and Electrum to my full node has worked flawlessly, but I believe Green Wallet’s 2-3/2-2 system will be more secure and recoverable (and easier to use). Great interview Max!

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