7 Comments on What was Leah Wald’s first computer? (Proof of Work)

  1. Oh yeah, it’s that bankster chick that used to cohost with Tone (before I got sick of his negativity and unsubbed). They’ve been moving into crypto in large numbers for a while now. I guess it’s to be expected. They move into any movement or trend that threatens their power and try to get into a position to where they can steer it. Then they steer it off a cliff if possible so as to preserve the rulership of the pedogate bankster elites. I expect that’s what happened with Veer and Jihad when they tried to fire the core developers and seize control of bitcoin software creation. They’re either part of that group or they’ve been threatened by them. If they could have centralized Bitcoin due to bloated blocks that they spammed full of useless transactions (to the point where no one could run a full node) and prevented it from scaling by preventing SEGWIT, bitcoin wouldn’t have been any threat to them. I’m very grateful they failed on that one. Now all they can do is go full bore into KYC and tax us heavily every time we let a fart wrong.

  2. I learned to type off that mario game :p that was one of the best games ever i fought this student every week for that computer because some of them had oregon trail or a flight simulation which also taught me to become a pilot! I had the same experience as a child going to computer class i made sure i did not skip it. This is what movitated to get my first computer . Till this day when people ask how did you learn to type i tell them from some mario game when i was a kid lol! Seriously it was the computer teacher i seen her typing and i thought she knew some kind of magic and when she explain it to me i was really motivated to learn muscle reaction.

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