WCN @ MisesU ~ Good Morning for Day 2!

The Mises University is the most pristine event in Austrian Economics, the study of the economy of a free society. Max is attending the classes and will interview the processors & attendees about economics, Bitcoin & freedom.

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24 Comments on WCN @ MisesU ~ Good Morning for Day 2!

  1. Don’t waste your time learning any single economic theory they will be obsolete once this economy is tokenized and for the first time we can actually study the economy as a living organism a whole new economic perspective is sure to arise from all of this.

    Spend your time studying what money is, what cryptocurrency is and getting a generalist perspective

    • ZxSxPx yeah, the internet connection is not the best, many people are leeching off the WiFi…
      But it’s just my face, which isn’t that pretty anyhow…
      I hope you don’t mind 🙂

  2. This guy does not like the idea of democracy because ultimately he believes it is the tyranny of the majority what he doesn’t want to admit is that by rejecting this he’s in favor of the tyranny of the minority which throughout ages has went by various names today it’s well understood as corporate monopolies

    • Russell Spears I like your enthusiasm!
      You want to join a call to talk about your opinion? I’d love to discuss freedom vs. agression in political, monetary and economical theory!

    • Max Hillebrand , I would love to do so but I can’t today for I’m going to enjoy it with my daughter but we can most definitely set up a discussion..
      Until then I’ve made a number of comments here on the live chat in the comment section and on your Twitter account feel free to address those in an honest way and we would be well on our way to a better conversation

    • Russell Spears I absolutely agree!
      I’m gonna do a separate video to go through them and present our side of the argument.

      Keep the comments coming, critical discussion is vitally important in education. Thank you!

  3. The only way to have a truly free market is to base it on sole proprietorships open decentralized platforms and democratically run worker cooperatives you cannot build and exploited economy off these notions using ideal money like Bitcoin

  4. Corporatism has clearly dominated the conditions around which labor negotiates pay they have effectively created poverty traps and this guy wants to pretend as though the old system wasn’t practiced right…. these guys are just a new batch of idiots to replace the old tyranny of experts

  5. For something as remarkable as cryptocurrency to be reduced and its Effectiveness to change our economy all one has to do is keep playing the same game keep believing that they’re selling you something different.

  6. If you invested in Bitcoin hold until they’re 3 or 5 million dollars each then take that money and create a democratically run worker Cooperative incubator then you can start at one end of Main Street and buy one business after another converting them into a worker ownership and sure you can do this at a profit both to yourself and to humanity

  7. Democracy is hard but it builds healthy non-exploitive communities. To reject democracy and believe it is the tyranny of the majority is to reject a long history of Cooperativism and set the stage for the tyranny of the minority.

    • Raw Power the Mises Institute provides several scholarships thanks to the gratious private donors. The Mises University is free for students!

      There is a fellowship program for a master’s or PHD. I don’t know the costs of that, but there are scholarships available as well!

    • awesome and are you like an online Institute or do you have facilities where do the students go and Renee?

    • Well, that depends on what you want to ask! If you have specific questions about a topic, I would try to get a hold of the professor directly. You find them and their contact here: https://mises.org/faculty-staff

      If you have a general question about the institute and the organisational stuff, reach out to Pat Barnett pat@mises.org

    • Max Hillebrand yeah I have an organizational question trying to evaluate what kind of chances do I have for studying there

  8. Oh and for the record whenever you establish a new institution you’re creating new institutional power and a new Mandarin order… this will always function in the opposite direction of enlightenment

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