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  1. Ahahahahaahhahahhaha bashing ethereum and promoting lisk does it go any
    Lower in this channel?

    • My Fellow Eth People! Without naming names, there is a lot of shade cast on
      eth here BUT Theo is not one of them tossing.

      I would never backup this channel as a whole for the shameless bashing that
      goes on here by some guests but Theo is one of the most level headed people
      you might come across in this community.

  2. Thanks Theo! It was a great experience for me, because I’ve never done a
    live interview before! So I hope I didn’t do too bad, I think at many
    questions I couldn’t find the words to express what I really think. So I’m
    open to have further discussions with anyone who wants to know more. :)

    • congrats on your first live interview, i thought you came across really
      well. When you say you couldn’t find the words to express your thoughts was
      this due to the interview being in english ?

    • Great interview. Could you try to explain more about how an Uber-like app
      could be created on this for someone like me who knows Java and Javascript
      aren’t the same but that’s about the extent of what I know. That was a
      joke. In all seriousness I really do wish to see such a thing created. In
      fact I was in the chat yesterday asking about this before I saw this video,
      but I didn’t get an answer from anyone.

    • If you were lucky (or “insidery”) enough to move your Lisk, yes, you would
      have made about 1700% profit. Elsewhere, it’s about 300% now.

    • Got a chunk to exchange and sold at 0.015btc had no issues at all –
      increased my position and extracted some profit. Lisk will be back to
      0.01-0.02 in the coming months.

      Let’s see what bitcoin does.

  3. I love the start, after Max says thanks and all that. The interviewer says:

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