Today in Bitcoin News Podcast (2017-11-06) – New Proof of Work? Price Fades…

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20 Comments on Today in Bitcoin News Podcast (2017-11-06) – New Proof of Work? Price Fades…

  1. New microphone really really good had no idea what a difference it makes, gain and clarity are awesome, no clipping or distortion. Now I want to go get a Yeti.

  2. PoS? Are you for real Thomas? If BTC goes PoS, i’ll sell all i have for BTH. An algo change i can live with but, PoS? Get out of here!

  3. Hey Thomas: Previous highs are consider as support once the price rises above them .. See Tones Educational Support on how to trade, the first colored link “Horizontal” takes you to a web page that discusses “Support and Resistance”.

  4. if bitcoin goes pos what do i do with all my antminers? rhetorical question… i will mine b2x and sell daily for @RealBitcoin

  5. @WCN Would love your help spreading the word and any help getting this up and running ASAP

    With the #Not #Bitcoin $S2X #(NO2X) #Shitcoin attempted corporate takeover of #Bitcoin and their lack of #ReplayProtection I will start working today on a #PostFork #Faucet. Many details still need to be worked out but if you are interested in working on this project please let me know. The faucet will give one Satoshi (0.00000001 BTC) By recruiting the Satoshi in your transaction post fork will prevent the transaction from being replayed on the S2X network since the UTXO doesn’t exist on the list S2X network.

    The fork will happen on November 16. We will be taking donation in order to safeguard the Bitcoin network and provide all of its users safety peace of mind.

    BTC Donations

    ETH Donations (Rexmint.eth)

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