Today in Bitcoin News Podcast (2017-11-01) – 2X Corporate Takeover, Futures, Mainstream, Birthday

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Is Bitcoin Facing A Corporate Takeover Via The '2x' Fork? A Developer And A Business Leader Debate

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SEC Alleges Day Trader Used Bitcoin to Hide Fraud Profits – CoinDesk

Bitcoin Moves Toward Mainstream, Poised to Join Oil, Gold in Futures Trading – WSJ

Bitcoin CME futures approval sparks fears of financial crisis repeaet

Bitcoin Turns 9 and Already, it Has Evolved into a Global Currency

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27 Comments on Today in Bitcoin News Podcast (2017-11-01) – 2X Corporate Takeover, Futures, Mainstream, Birthday

  1. No doubt! They’ve already got mining and big bitcoin media centralized. Now they want control of the software too. When the banksters are threatened they attack centralized organizations with centralized government force but for decentralized movements (like the tea party for example) they infiltrate and destroy from within. They’ve been attacking bitcoin this way for years. We’ve got a defense though, the full nodes. I haven’t run my full node since the bip 148 rebellion but soon I’ll download the latest version and start it back up again. No wonder the big blockers want to get rid of the full nodes. That’s the only veto power that regular people have.

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  2. Remember,
    The 16th of November
    The seg2x treason and plot.
    I know of no reason,
    why the hard-fork treason,
    Should EVER BE FORGOT.

  3. I love this show! It’s something I look forward to listening to every morning while I get ready for work. Unfortunately, I don’t have much Bitcoin, so I try to help in more “word of mouth” ways than in financial ways. Keep up the great work, Thomas! (And Tone, Jimmy, etc.)

  4. Bitcoin will not be taken over for it truly is the freedom from all the thugs and may it be said that it is time for humanity to stand and shine a truly new world. A world that cares about each other. Long Live Bitcoin !

    • All Hail the triumphant return of revolutionary man, spouting his ideals on the forum Bitcoin. Why, we should follow your pedantic trail, espousing the morals of a myopic sycophant.

  5. +Work Crypto Network
    Perhaps the CME Futures news gives cryptos a short term pop in prices, but could be negative longer term. Futures markets are a two edged sword and are not necessarily good for prices of commodities etc. Futures as we know are leveraged derivatives that are financial ‘weaponsofmassdestruction’. With futures, Bitcoin prices will likely be subject to price manipulation by central banks and other large commercials through naked shorting, just as commercials and central banks do in the precious metals markets. Prohibit naked shorts then it may be positive for Bitcoin. Otherwise central banks may likely manipulate Bitcoin by printing more FIAT out of thin air. Think of this as a conspiracy perhaps, but so many market manipulations by large financial institutions have been admitted and proven, such LIBOR, precious metals etc. Why would Bitcoin be any different? It won’t. With futures, Bitcoin prices will be subject to central banks depressing the value of Bitcoin, just as they do in precious metals markets as they can not have the public loose faith in their FIAT crap. Just my 2 cents. Hope I’m proven incorrect, but I don’t believe in Hopeium.

  6. I’m not worried. Im not going to buy into this fear of segwitx2. One will dominate the other and that’s it. Btc 7200 by the time of the fork.

  7. You guys have taught me more about finance than I learned in my economic electives from school. I have gained a lot of confidence watching your show and being a #Hodl er. Thank you so much.

  8. If current-price markets or futures markets (if you think those are more logical) were moderately reasonable then Bitcoin should stabilize around $350,000.- , tomorrow or real soon. (I have good rational reasons for that value, but I’m too lazy to explain now.) All I know is that markets are NOT rational! – but at least they’re getting the trend right. 🙂

    Anyway, keep pointing out all the irrational stuff in the news. – Good one today!

  9. Please add Litecoin support for donation. Much lower fees make micro donations possible. If you do I will donate.

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