Today in Bitcoin (2018-04-25) – Bitcoin $70,000? – Will Bitcoin Replace Gold? – Or is it a scam?

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Bitcoin Price Could Hit $700,000, Investor Predicts | Fortune

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Bitcoin is the greatest scam in history – Recode

Founding PayPal CEO Bill Harris Says Bitcoin Is A Scam, Here's Why He's Wrong

Founding PayPal CEO Bill Harris Says Bitcoin Is A Scam, Here's Why He's Wrong

Let’s destroy Bitcoin – MIT Technology Review

Prudent Or Folly? Brokers Are Shunning Bitcoin

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Police in Chinese city seize 600 computers used to mine bitcoin

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Nasdaq is open to becoming cryptocurrency exchange, CEO says

Sex work is moving to blockchain payments | The Outline

Iceland's 'Big Bitcoin Heist' Suspect Has Been Arrested – CoinDesk

“I’d Put New Money Into Bitcoin, Not Bitcoin Cash”, Says Tom Lee

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26 Comments on Today in Bitcoin (2018-04-25) – Bitcoin $70,000? – Will Bitcoin Replace Gold? – Or is it a scam?

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  3. Yes!!! let bitcoin replace gold and virtual mining replace real mining and while we’re at it virtual reality replaces reality. Life is great!!!

    • Bitcoin is less virtual than fiat. When the information(transaction) is sent its occurs on the blockchain and is verified by thousands of nodes and miners. When you send electronic cash its verified by two banks, and probably some payment provider. Banks creating money through the fractional reserve system is more virtual than a bitcoin being mined with a finite number of bitcoin. Eventually the supply becomes fixed, fiat is infinite and results in the devaluation of your money. Central Banks printing money creates virtual value. Time will come when people see this as worth less than a finite money supply that is uncensorable, unconfiscatable and extremely scarce.

  4. Hey Thom! Always love your drive to share with us all thing crypto! The man burns in a few months, will you be joining us this year? Are we not amazed at where we are financially today, as opposed to three burns ago?

  5. I know what the superelite want, it is not to kill Bitcoin though. But BTC will make way or flipped by a world wide currency, a one world currency, which is blockchain based… I won’t worry for atleast 10 years not.

  6. Bitcoin started with the rich getting it for pennies and going online to tell everyone that it can’t be stopped and its going to $1000000. That’s the truth. Then they let greed do it’s work. Let me ask you if you had a million dollars would you buy one? Yes there are some people making millions with it, but its the early in people who risked next to nothing for them that did it. Greed.Greed. Greed. Is what will sell them nothing else. The question is, will you be able to sell what you have for enough profit? Or will you be the bag holder? Is there really someone dumber than you still left?

  7. Great start to the new year, year number 6 for your broadcasting. I love the show. Lately, I have been very busy and it is always refreshing to come back to your programme after a while. I thank you for it. I am bit of a Thomas myself, so my few holdings are diversified: some gold, some silver, some art and some bitcoin. You never know. The future is uncertain by definition.

    I also invest in education. It pays off. This year I am back in university as a student, while working and showing the middle finger to a mega corporation, figuratively, of course. Over 3 years ago I bought a cheap chromebook and in the last update google told me that they are not supporting my computer any more, as it is “old”. They suggested to consider buying a new computer. Well, it isn’t old and, as a student, I do not swim in money. Solution: I invested a weekend researching my chromebook. I had to open it, short circuit a jumper with aluminium foil so I could flash the BIOS and so install something else in it. I went for Linux Mint Debian and what an amazing sleek computer I have now. Price, as I said, a weekend of research plus no google products no mega corporation in this machine, Just Signal, protonmail and Open Source FREE software for work and leisure. At some point I want to create a Bitcoin node with a Raspberry Pi. Maybe during the summer? Well, Portugal is more important.

    Enjoy Denver!

  8. “Bitcoin” sounds unserious, nonsensical, and slightly comical. Time to switch to BTC’ – that’s BTC prime – that’s Blockchain Transaction Currency prime.
    Bureaucrats and academics would love it (because it’s jargony and descriptive and elitist). The street would of course just say “gimme some Prime!” (or “some of them Satoshis”). The OG’s can still stick with Bitcoin – or the currency formerly known as Bitcoin. 🙂
    Think about it. It’s better and necessary…
    I’m switching now, even if I’m alone: 1BTC’ is at 8900$’s now. (Ha ! It’s got a red spellcheck underline on BTC’.) 🙂
    PS: Can some mathematician tell me whether a blockchain transaction is a convolution or a correlation? Either one would work as the “C” in BTC’. “Blockchain Transaction Convolution” would be cooler than mere “Currency”! 🙂

  9. Hey Thomas, The Bitcoin Standard still needs an audiobook narration. You should get with Saifedean Ammous and make it happen. I think it’s your calling.

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