Today in Bitcoin (2018-04-17) – Coinbase buys – Asian Merchant Adoption – IMF Lauds

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‎8099.36 USD / BTC – Average United States Dollar Bitcoin Price

Mayer Multiple (@TIPMayerMultple) | Twitter

Coinbase buys for about $100M in a deal that is about one hire – Recode

Donald McIntyre on Twitter: "Final Earn/Coinbase scam rant: 1. That $120m+ was paid in cash & stock is worse b/c that Coinbase stock will be worth billions very soon 2. Balaji as Coinbase CTO is a sham to embellish the story 3. a16z on both sides of the trade is the scam smoking-gun … "

Vake on Twitter: "If the $116 million invested in in 2015 had simply been used to buy Bitcoin, they would now have $3.17 billion worth of BTC."

Marc Bettinger on Twitter: "Happy Birthday Feathercoin! 5 Years! @Feathercoin #feathercoin #ftc $ftc #altcoins #cryptocurrency #blockchain #altsareback #bitcoin… "

Bitcoin Merchant Adoption Might Just Be Accelerating In Asia – CoinDesk

Bitcoin tools could make finance system safer, says IMF boss | Technology | The Guardian

NFC and the Lightning Network Could Make Bitcoin Payments Practical Again | CryptoSlate

Report: Less Than 1% of Bitcoin Used for Illegal Purposes | NewsBTC

Ryan Dippmann on Twitter: "At first; cell phones were "only for bad people & criminals." In 2018; nearly all men, women, & children have mobile phones in their pockets. Same FUD is said about #Bitcoin; "only for bad people & criminals." Similar to mobile; #Bitcoin will be (like) water off duck's back.… "

Support Forming? Why $7.9K Is Bitcoin's New Price to Watch – CoinDesk

Lucas Betschart on Twitter: "Vitalik on Brink of Second Bailout for Friends.… "

Vitalik "Not giving away ETH" Buterin on Twitter: "I recommend crypto discourse changes emphasis from "eliminating the middlemen" to some combination of "shackling the middlemen" and "making the market for middlemen more competitive"."

Giacomo Zucco on Twitter: "So it ends the glorious era of Localbitcoins. So long and thank you for the fish. Let's take a look at @hodlhodl!… "

LowCapWizard on Twitter: "… "

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