Today in Bitcoin (2018-04-13) – Bitcoin hits $8,000 – Unleash the FUD – Draper predicts $250K

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‎8125.21 USD / BTC – Average United States Dollar Bitcoin Price

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Why Sports Card Values from the Late-80s and Early-90s Are Low

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19 Comments on Today in Bitcoin (2018-04-13) – Bitcoin hits $8,000 – Unleash the FUD – Draper predicts $250K

  1. Great show today, I really liked it!! Good point about how Bitcoin won’t fund wars!! Most important thing is to get rid of Central Banks. Re: BCash vs. Bitcoin, I personally prefer Bitcoin of course; but I think that the real issue is that Blockstream is led by the Bilderbergers…which makes it Establishment!

  2. LOL! that spam post 15 ‘likes’ and astroturf comments. Who does he think he’s foolin.’ MOOOOOOODS or just leave it. Comedy gold.

  3. Most ppl I know that recently got into crypto including myself are attracted to bch (but buy btc usually anyway) but the ones that learn more go to btc. The ones that don’t dig into the tech end up going to bch. IMO

  4. Bitcoin will never be a sensible currency with a fixed supply. It will always make more sense to HODL rather than ever spend it. The price will go to $1M + per coin. There is no upper limit to the price. It will never be currency with fixed supply – get over it.

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