Today in Bitcoin (2018-04-12) – Bitcoin jumps 10% in the last 24 hours

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‎7614.91 USD / BTC – Average United States Dollar Bitcoin Price

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Bitcoin will likely never hit another record high, Barclays says | Markets Insider

Michael Lewis: idea that bitcoin will replace currency is ‘insane’ – San Francisco Chronicle

Bitcoin’s Hype Vanishes Just Like That: ‘We’re in the Boring Phase’ – WSJ

RideTheLightning on Twitter: "Life comes at you fast.… "

Bitcoin surges 10% in sudden move to above $7,500

Bitcoin Breakout: Price Jumps $1K in 60 Minutes – CoinDesk

$7.5K Ahead? Bitcoin Price Charts Hint at Bull Move – CoinDesk

Andy Hoffman (#HODLBTC) on Twitter: "Sounds about right, from two days ago…… "

Mad Bitcoins on Twitter: ".@MadBitcoins at the #Kings game. #bitcoin… "

Mad Bitcoins on Twitter: "April 11, 2018 – @MadBitcoins holds up a Bitcoin sign on @NBCSports April 12, 2018 – #Bitcoin rises 10% #MadRise… "

Bitcoin Bull Tom Lee Says HODL On During Slumps for Big Gains – Bloomberg

Mad Bitcoins on Twitter: "“Reports of my death were greatly exaggerated.” – #Bitcoin… "

Mad Bitcoins on Twitter: "#HODL #bitcoin… "

Alistair Milne on Twitter: "#bitcoin… "

Mad Bitcoins on Twitter: "… "

Richard Feynman on Twitter: "Life Lesson: You have no responsibility to live up to what other people think you ought to accomplish. You have no responsibility to be like they expect you to be. It’s their mistake, not your failing!… "

11 Comments on Today in Bitcoin (2018-04-12) – Bitcoin jumps 10% in the last 24 hours

  1. Fun ride on the crazy coin coaster. 🙂
    I also enjoyed Lewis’s “insane” quote. I guess he’s “much better capitalized” in fiat now, just like the banks, so he’s not worried about another crash… 🙂

  2. Yes, U did it Thomas! BOOM. Nice timing on that pic. Keep up the awesome work, Bitcoin rewards the faithful.

  3. Keep that phone up or do it very often so we all feel happier and reassured. Thank you for your work.

  4. Thomas, pls go to more LIVE NBC events & next time carry a HUGE BTC placard & get back on cam. It clearly works to pump the price. 🙂

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