Today in Bitcoin (2018-04-10) – Alleged Bitfinex Fraud – Bitcoin is a virus – @Bitcoin Drama Day 3

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Bitfinex Denies Fraud Allegations Tied To Confiscated Funds In Poland

Bitfinex is Mixed Up with Colombian Cocaine, Polish Media Reports | Finance Magnates

Unconfirmed: Polish Prosecutors Seize €400 mln Amid Allegations Bitfinex Is Implicated In Fraud

Bitcoin: The Harder The Fall, The Higher The Rise: $35K By Q4

Bitcoin's soaring value was down to 'infected' buyers, economists say | Technology | The Guardian

Barclays Says Bitcoin Behaves Like the Flu – Bloomberg

Meme – Wikipedia

Bitcoin would be a calamity, not an economy – MIT Technology Review

Twitter briefly shut down @Bitcoin, sparking wild conspiracy theories – The Verge

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Rangebound: Bitcoin Bulls Need Break Above $7.5K – CoinDesk

People Trust Satoshi Nakamoto More than US Federal Reserve: NYSE Owner

'Bitcoin Day' Proves Crypto Is Thriving in Argentina – CoinDesk

Manufacturer Holds Cryptonight ASIC Firesale after Monero Hard Forks

I, Troll? on Twitter: "VERY Important for anyone who has used javascript(websites you downloaded probably fall in here) to generate paperwallets. They are NOT SAFE: "

[bitcoin-dev] KETAMINE: Multiple vulnerabilities in SecureRandom(), numerous cryptocurrency products affected.

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17 Comments on Today in Bitcoin (2018-04-10) – Alleged Bitfinex Fraud – Bitcoin is a virus – @Bitcoin Drama Day 3

  1. Great video – I usually only comment when I have a beef or want to counter something, but I wanted to absolutely, unequivocally state that I greatly appreciate your daily updates. I watch every episode, “like” it and spread the word. I don’t like the bitcoin maximalist dogma but I still love the videos.

  2. “Originally it was a jar.” 7:08 min in. LMAO! I guess it really bothers brutha Thomas when people don’t give attention to detail? I love a guy that hates the twisting of themes (lying).

  3. People do not trust Satoshi, they trust math, logic, technology, and the ingenuity of the human mind.

  4. Keynesianism was always pseudo-scientific nonsense. Unfortunately, it was enforced by government power in the past. Hopefully it will all unravel in the next few decades, and we can get out from under the oppressive thumb of these people who think they can “run” an economy with millions of people in it. Goodbye, Krugman, et al.

    • Hopefully it doesn’t get replaced by the newly fashionable nonsense known as “Modern Monetary Theory.”

  5. Dude… you have to stop saying it now… It’s evoking a really disturbing mental image…. How about… Thumb my button? Wait… that’s not great either…

  6. I always laugh with the ending …. “Thanks so much for watching. Byyye Buuuyyy !” 🙂

  7. At the 15:30 mark you freaked me out!!! Are our java-based cold storage wallets truly that much at risk? Is your source genuinely reliable? Have you double-checked, triple-checked, and beyond this information? This is FUD city. If this is true, this could put a major dent in bitcoin’s value? Please make you get to the bottom of this and share it with us.

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