Today in Bitcoin (2018-04-09) – Bitcoin Below $7,000 – @Bitcoin Drama Day 2 – Bitcoin on Campus

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Bitcoin tanks below $7,000, down 6% in two hours

Bitcoin Teases Bull Reversal with Rise Above $7K – CoinDesk

What's up with @bitcoin? | FT Alphaville

Twitter Cancels @Bitcoin Account as its CEO Invests in Competing Lightning Network | Finance Magnates

Full coverage – Google News

Doug Polk on Twitter: "This is like saying if Pepsi owned Coca Cola's twitter, and was constantly tweeting about how bad Coke is; deleting the account would be anti free speech Entities deserve to be able to represent themselves, not have other people pretend to represent them "

Tweets with replies by K (@Bitcoin) | Twitter

A Sidelined Wall Street Legend Bets on Bitcoin | The New Yorker

Dear Students, Everything In Bitcoin's Way Is Your $1 Billion Opportunity – CoinDesk

Former Mt Gox Exchange CEO No Longer Believes in Bitcoin | Fortune

Top Business Schools Add Bitcoin Classes, Expand Cryptocurrency MBA Course Offerings raises $5 million | TechCrunch

ty13r on Twitter: "Pleb investor friends be like: – Wanted to buy bitcoin at $20k, but didn't. – Bitcoin is at $7k and now they won't touch it. – Bitcoin will go to $100k+ and I'll have to listen to their sob stories forever. #FML"

Bill Burdin on Twitter: "Why didn't I cash out at $20k and accept 10x in 8 months. Comrades, that's because I didn't buy into bitcoin to make 10x in 8 months, I bought into bitcoin because it's a gift to the world that will make the world a better place for me and those who come after me."

Peter Todd on Twitter: "This. Confession: recently bought a new backup drive and as usual, encrypted it, saved data to it, and put it in storage. Awhile later I found out that the password didn't work. LUKS asks you to type the password twice – my best guess is I made the same typo both times!… "

peanut section on Twitter: "Ohhhh! So the panorama feature on your pocket phone is to create cute little autos when you scan a freeway with it. Doi!… "

Farbod Saraf on Twitter: "All Dutch trains now run entirely on renewable energy "

Tuur Demeester on Twitter: "Etymology of "bull market" vs "bear market". … "

9 Comments on Today in Bitcoin (2018-04-09) – Bitcoin Below $7,000 – @Bitcoin Drama Day 2 – Bitcoin on Campus

  1. For anyone watching/listening to this who feel the need to rag on Thomas’ monotone voice delivery in this & every other “Today in Bitcoin” podcast update, pls give it a rest & understand this;

    Thomas Hunt is a student of broadcast history & he’s simply paying homage to broadcasters of the Golden Age of radio/television when all great broadcasters of the time spoke/announced in monotone voice.

    Yup, that’s right, they left their political (&any other) biases on the shelf so to speak & spoke in monotones.

    Kudos to you Thomas for keeping this tradition alive & well for anyone/everyone 5 decades old or older & reviving this long lost broadcasting ART FORM!

    • ” According to a 1947 C. E. Hooper survey, 82 out of 100 Americans were found to be radio listeners. A variety of new entertainment formats and genres were created for the new medium, many of which later migrated to television: radio plays, mystery serials, soap operas, quiz shows, talent shows, daytime and evening variety hours, situation comedies, play-by-play sports, children’s shows, cooking shows, and more.”

      “The first “Golden Age of Television” refers to the era of live television production in the United States, roughly from the late 1940s to the early 1960s. According to The Television Industry: A Historical Dictionary, “the Golden Age opened with Kraft Television Theatre on May 7, 1947, and ended with the last live show in the Playhouse 90 series ten years later.”

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