Today in Bitcoin (2018-04-08) – Is Lightning an altcoin? @Bitcoin Account Twitter Drama Spectacular

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Roger Ver on Twitter: "So this is how free speech dies…with thunderous applause. @bitcoin "

Armin van Bitcoin on Twitter: "I love this guy! #bitcoin… "

Twitter / Account Suspended

Miles Suter on Twitter: "Today @airbitz and @paullinator declared their official position that Lightning Network is an altcoin. They subsequently embarrassed themselves pretty badly trying to justify the false claim. The intellectual dishonesty annoyed me the most. Will never recommend in the future.… "

Tiffany Hayden on Twitter: "Lightning is an alt coin.… "

Tiffany Hayden on Twitter: "I look forward to you figuring out how to counter these points: … "

Eric Lombrozo on Twitter: "Revolutions are HARD. Their purpose is not to make things easier for your company."

Eric Lombrozo on Twitter: "I keep seeing this tactic used to wedge Bitcoiners: 1) Someone makes provocative claim to rile up "reps" of a group they want to target. 2) Trolls continue to incite personal arguments. 3) This is used as evidence that some particular group is intolerant. STOP FALLING FOR IT."

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Francis Pouliot on Twitter: "How to live life as a Bitcoin advocate: bear the full consequence of your preaching, Be a holder of last resort, don’t give financial advice but talk about your experience. As a full time BTC promoter, I consider it immoral to be anything else than full-hodler of last resort… "

Sparky Sweets, PhD on Twitter: "“There is no friend as loyal as a book.” — Ernest Hemingway. Hell yeah, Papa Hemingway."

Mashable on Twitter: "The new #StarWars theme park looks like it will be incredible… "

19 Comments on Today in Bitcoin (2018-04-08) – Is Lightning an altcoin? @Bitcoin Account Twitter Drama Spectacular

  1. Lightning network will put many wallets and exchanges of business. This is why they have to FUD payment channels

  2. Dude. Star Wars Land….awesome. There should be no fiat allowed in Star Wars Land to keep it authentic. As soon as I pull out a ” Dollar” the experience is ruined.

  3. We won. Finally Roger´s bcash propaganda via twitter stopped.

    -> @WCN: please stop using as a source.

  4. When they round up the 3 village idiot fraudsters killing the cypto space, things won’t be so bad…Ver, Buterin and Dr Craig..

  5. So not only are you a bitcoin maximalist with no tolerance for non-bitcoin, but you’re an original trilogy maximalist. Figures. You’re not religious, so I guess you had to transfer your intolerance somewhere.

  6. You said “Soros found to be investing in crypto currency”. All we know is that he is *TRADING* crypto. Those are two very different words. The master currency manipulator and expert on shorting currencies known as Soros may be trading but it doesn’t mean he’s investing.

  7. Block-chain has a great future, but don’t underestimate Hashgraph and IOTA`s distribution network. Please dont confuse block-chain with the current “digital currancys”. The Government cant destroy BTC, BCC,eth ..ect..ect or any other block based currency. But what they can do is, Discredit, Deceive, Divide, Dulcify and the most in important D, Delay, BY DELAYING the adoption they are putting the odds back in there favor, giving them more time to catch up, surpass the existing crypto firms. BUT WHAT THEY CAN AND WILL DO (whilst we all think there stupid and doing nothing) is collect data, spread misinformation, and control the narrative. I see every day “new partnership announced” “beta launch” whilst we all forget 99% of the tech, software, algo`s are open source, and working away in the background are the big banks, multi national company s, world wide governments, are busy hijacking the lot, but publicly denouncing crypto. ASK YOURSELF THERE QUESTIONS, WHY would multi-billion $ banking, use a 3rd party (ripple) use there token, Ripple is a good project, but banks dont have morals, they will replicate it and use a internal fee system, masking it almost zero fee for them and increasing profits. Do you really think that they will just role over and allow BTC and other cryptos to destroy there Golden goose, of global financial dominance with out a fight. We are talking about the same people that knew the suub-prime morgare assetts where doomed to fail, but said nothing and made the losses so big they knew the Governments would be forced to bail them out , and make the people of the world cover there losses. Then when they where bailed out, instead of providing liquidity to the markets, they sat on the funds, to cover the othere debts that they did not disclose. They people are the scum of the earth, and believe me when I say they will stop at NOTHING to keep control, MAKE NO BONES ABOUT IT, THIS IS A WAR. PEOPLE WILL DIE. I f you think I am over exaggerating the extent of how bad this will get, then I dont think you know your history very well, THIS IS THE EVOLUTION OF REVOLUTION, and revolutions require sacrifice, dedication and belief to overcome the current statuesque . The war began what Satoshi released the white paper,

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  9. Wonderful episode. The commitment from your part is clear and it oozes from beginning to end. To disseminate bitcoin and what surrounds it is entertaining, educating and authentic. I enjoy a lot the narrative *and* I love how liberal you are with the time “I don’t know if I have reached 10 minutes or so” you said in minute 14 and 35 seconds. And to top it all up Richard Feynman one of favourites guys ever.

    Thank you for yet another brilliant piece of work.

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