Today in Bitcoin (2018-03-30) – Bitcoin has its worst quarter ever as it breaks $7,000

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Bitcoin price is on track for its worst first quarter ever

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grubles on Twitter: "So, I got c-lightning + Lightning Charge + the nanotip LApp all working on a USB Armory. (Charge + nanotip by @shesek, c-lightning by @Blockstream)… "

Mike In Space on Twitter: "You’ll solve nothing. It will take you a decade to come to this realization. "

Will Pangman on Twitter: "Coinbase and Robinhood have millions of user signups in the past 2-3 months who have yet to buy. They will…… "

Zack Voell on Twitter: "Your paid group won't tell you this, but we've almost completed a full Old Dominion pattern! This is bullish because Virginia is the best state in the Union. Next stop: moon.… "

24 Comments on Today in Bitcoin (2018-03-30) – Bitcoin has its worst quarter ever as it breaks $7,000

  1. I tried buying a full bitcoin last night using my normal entry, coinbase doesn’t support Hawaii. So I use Changlly. I have never had any issues changing fiat into btc before, ever. Now both Visa and Mastercard are blocking All crypto purchases, and I feel that’s bullsh$t. I called and complained, asking how they can tell me what to spend my money on. The operator just said it’s new policy that just happened in Feburary. So I’m not sure if coinbase is flagged, maybe our community can comment on that, but that could be a huge reason we are no seeing any rebounds. It’s hard enough getting into crypto with a credit card, now it’s that much more difficult. Obviously the banks and credit card companies feel threatened because they know that WHEN crypto takes off, they are going to lose money, big time. The rich bankers do not want to lose their cush lifestyles. That being said, I was still able to get about $2500 in using a couple sources that must not be red flagged by the cc companies yet.
    Lmk if anyone else is having the same problem and how you plan on entering the market. I’m trying to get a meeting with the Senate committee chairman for finance here in Hawaii. 2 days ago he mentioned to my friend that they have already been discussing the crypto market and are open to public input. These guys need our input. We need them to tell the banks and cc card companies to not censor the publics personal spending choices, that’s not their job and it might not be legal for them to tell you what you can and cannot buy.
    Happy aloha Friday, and keep you chin up

    • WillBendingSteel yes but making mass adoption take much longer, things usually take the path of least resistance and with this much resistance, well people are staying on the sidelines, the banks see their graveyard is not too far off and are putting up plenty of walls and stopping or slowing new money from coming into the market as seen with the low market and volume. I’m totally fine with the market being low, we were too high too fast, and we will be there again, so I love these prices, it’s like a do-over with a crystal ball because we know where the price will end up. But to not be able to buy in at these low prices is frustrating.

    • what brand card are you using.. a few companies like Capital One have publically noted that they will no longer allow card holders to buy crypto.. others have too. I understand your views and I agree.. however saying that credit is our own money and we should be allowed to spend it as we wish is a fine line… credit is not our money it is borrowed money. but I do think if we want to spend borrowed money on cryptos we should be allowed as long as we pay the bill either way. that is the promise you make when you borrow.

    • Rob Henry agreed. Not yet my money. Mastercard that used to allow purchases Hawaiian airlines Mastercard. And chase Marriott visa, and Costco visa. I’ve tried em all, they even flagged uphold.

  2. Worst price performance ever, on no bad news and the best technical progress ever. How does that work? Lots of manipulation hammering every slight uptick down lower. Who is doing this regular persistent selling? (Banksters who bought Bitcoin OTC? Secret agencies with unlimited fiat funding? Rich old $-holders – plenty of those around – who see crypto as a nuisance?) Pretty easy to mess with such a small market… They don’t have to kill crypto, just make the public lose interest in it – and it’s working… OK, there’s the pessimistic view. 🙂

    • The optimistic view is that this is a global phenonemon, like the internet, and can’t be stopped by a few bad actors in some country. Use cases and constant messaging can win over time, and the true value of the thing will dawn on the public, and then the stupid market will follow suit.
      No, I’m wrong, the market won’t “follow suit”, it will stupidly overreact in the other direction (again). 🙂

    • There’s one more part to the optimistic view: This is the opportunity of a lifetime for the young, because the oldsters can’t keep the fiat Ponzi going forever.
      There’s also another part to the pessimistic view: Most people don’t really want freedom and responsibility, they want comfortable captivity – and there will always be captors willing to oblige (and then slowly squeeeeze).

  3. Hello Bitcoin and T. Hunt. Nano and microtip and lightning, and Intel efficiency…that sounds like a recipe for Awesome!

  4. Relax folks, let the elite sell here and there but if we hold we will win in the long run.. 😉

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