Today in Bitcoin (2018-03-28) – Is the Death Cross a Bear Trap? – Quebec Bitcoin Mining

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‎7969.11 USD / BTC – Average United States Dollar Bitcoin Price

Bitcoin is nearing a 'death cross' on the charts. Here’s what it means

Why Bitcoin's 'Death Cross' May Be a Bear Trap – CoinDesk

Wall Street analyst makes an evidence-based case for holding (or 'HODLing') bitcoin for long term

Bitcoin Cash Bull Failures Could See Traders Move to Bitcoin – CoinDesk

Hydro-Quebec Strikes Measured Approach To Bitcoin Mining

Hydro-Quebec Strikes Measured Approach To Bitcoin Mining

Reddit No Longer Accepts Bitcoin | Fortune

Coinbase Commerce

Bitcoin Can’t Take a Bite Out of Visa, Mastercard – Barron's

Bitcoin's High Mining Cost Means It Cannot Become Global Currency: FT Analysis | Investopedia

Dominic Gates on Twitter: "BREAKING: Boeing hit by the Wannacry computer virus. “ It is metastasizing rapidly out of North Charleston" 777 assembly tools may have gone down. Concern it may “spread to airplane software." “We are on a call with just about every VP in Boeing" "

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Pamela Morgan on Twitter: "Both the Kindle & Paperback versions of the book are now available for pre-order on Amazon! "

TheFuzzStone on Twitter: "Today #27_march is Ross Ulbricht’s fifth birthday spent in prison. He believes in #freedom, but lost his own… Happy birthday man! #FreeRoss @Free_Ross #bitcoin #blockchain #libertarian #SilkRoad… "

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  1. I recommend engraving your seed into a sheet of metal or brass . If you only have a paper copy it is at risk of water or fire damage .It can be done with a cheap dremel from your local hardware store .

    • I have a couple of low cost metal engravers that are not really up to this task. I don’t have a real Dremel however. In your experience, does it make a deeper and cleaner engraving that a small rotary or vibrating etcher? I’m considering chemical etching onto stainless steel using a printed stencil.

  2. Welcome to Fabulous Lost Wages, Nevada Ooh nana, Thomas Hunt! We ordered some nice weather for you. Always enjoy your show. Keep up the good work and great content. Bitcoin 4ever. Safe travels my friend

  3. How is mining, dont we have much to much of this waste shitwork? Why is litecoin so bullish? Ico scammers love dollars more than cripto…

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