Today in Bitcoin (2018-03-12) – Bitcoin Bullish? – McAfee predicts $1M – Mainstream Media Humor FUD

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‎9214.14 USD / BTC – Average United States Dollar Bitcoin Price

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Mad Bitcoins on Twitter: "Always invest responsibly. Warning. The crypto currency house of cards may fall as fast a stripper’s g-string. We cannot confirm not deny that those associated with Coinbase are douchebags but if it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, it’s probably a duck. #bitcoin… "

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9 Comments on Today in Bitcoin (2018-03-12) – Bitcoin Bullish? – McAfee predicts $1M – Mainstream Media Humor FUD

    • thatguythatstranglescatsforfun yeah I follow him but he has some wild opinions, most of the crypto out there he loves, BCH included; seems like a conflict of position. But it’s easy to catch the cool stuff he says once you account for him talking so much while high or on various substances.

    • Are they? Think about it. It takes 100x to go from $200 to $20`000. It only takes 50x to go from $20`000 to 1 mil. I am not saying it will go to 1 mil. I am saying it is very possible and BTC has done it before many times.

  1. I don’t keep up with much of the daily news across crypto land, usually just from my subscriptions. This was good feed and overview of what’s been going on so thanks.. And great personal thoughts and rebuttal about various fud and rubbish being reported from the mainstream media articles

    • Guess again, jayc. New Zealand has 2 ATMs. One in Auckland and the other in Dunedin. Both Lamassu machines, my favorite. The Dunedin machine sells both bitcoin and ethereum, at 7% above market. Not bad at all.

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