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  2. What the Bcashers don’t understand is that before you can have a trusted currency you must first create a trusted store of value… Stop being in such a hurry!! Bitcoin is in it’s infancy and SOV is the best first step… Currency will come later when it’s ready!! Patience!!

    • The internet wasn’t capable of half of what its capable of today in the early days… And most of what we enjoy on the internet today is layer two tech… I’m using it right now as I type this… Bitcoin is the internet of money… And it will be capable of things we can’t even imagine yet… Currency is only one app… Stop thinking so small…

    • This new BTC shitfork is going to quickly die because it has no purpose. You can’t store value unless there’s some value to store. The value stored in Bitcoin is the ability to make later transactions. It’s a DAO that sells transactions. Bitcoin Cash is the only valuable Bitcoin.

    • Lame, I think it adds a unique flavor, and he mostly only does it while he’s waiting for callers. He could just be impatient and end the show.

  3. Coinbase doesn’t care. NY should pull their license. Shift is worse. Funny, Shapeshift customer service is great….what gives, Coinbase?

  4. I dont normally say, I nearly made a mistake, XRP ripple is about to explode, I dont mean semi blow, I mean explode, I know people here support the BTC however for now buy XRP, sell later, then buy back into BTC, Trust me on this, This is the bull runs of bull runs,,,

    • +Derek F Dude WTF I sold all my Btc for Ripple yesterday and now I’m down 11% already! Where’s the bull run??

    • Brad G understands money. The government aint going away, Brad knows that. The average transfer time of xrp is way faster than Bitcoin sure but thats not important, It does not matter that bitcoin is making 1,000,000 times more transactions than XRP either right now, The average transfer time is way faster yet its not even the important part, You will have apps sitting over the XRP network with preladed XRP for increased speeds like a mini bank, like a fast wallet, Your coffee aint gonna go cold buying it with XRP now cause you are the only one buying the coffee with the XRP right now. Brad knows that, Transfer speed is not the revolution on its own, Brad knows that too, Bitcoin are starting to know it, Litecoin know it but dont have the connections XRP have with Ripple, The evolution is gonna be apps for XRP – you can see that already. Ripple & XRP are 2 different things, XRP is the token, Ripple makes apps to use with XRP. Thats the XRP difference. They are centralized and positioned for organized innovation. Like preloaded apps, you will have preloaded apps someday with tokens linked to individual business that can be bought with XRP because XRP are solving the problem of interface between XRP and real banks & businesses. Just like starbucks credit card, If you have an XRP app that for example a coffee shop like Starbucks can use with their own software, well then you can use XRP to buy coffee with mass adoption. Thats a game charger, Thats a global explosion, Thats game changing innovation, If your XRP can move from a personal preload app to another XRP integrated app, with something like XRP rapid, then you got yourself a rapid transfer system with low fees, for small payments, big payments, local & global for low fees. Thats a sudden jump to $500 USD for 1 XRP when the wave starts to flow, Ripple is far ahead in terms of connections, innovation and payments. Its the gap between money, crypto coins, banks and businesses. The value of using XRP is that you also have a coin with speculative value separate from your typical currency , That really captures the imagination of the public. The future of business is tokenization and Ripple with XRP are going to provide a framework with exchanging you money for tokens linked to real work banks & businesses. Ripple is about to blow up. More to come soon. Its not about mining, or replacing money, XRP is really a token and not a coin. Bitcoin is a completely different sort of item, Its a coin, Its has a short supply so its value can swing in a big way, I can see Bitcoin having a place, but if think Bitcoin is replacing real money that is not going to happen, Its not suitable, based on supply alone. There is no reason why Bitcoin could not be used to buy tokens on a coffee shop app either, however due to its decentralization the innovation side is going to be down to business making their own apps to use Bitcoin. Where XRP ripple are making apps like XRP rapid that just plug into the app owned by the business. They have tech support. Bitcoin is decentralized so if it breaks down its all on you. Depends on the business. Some businesses might like that Ripple XRP do all the hard work. Bitcoin provide the coin. I dont know, maybe Bitcoin could become more like gold. A value store. Just not lately, Depends if they can sort out the problems with exchanges. Im not happy with the price of all things crypto being linked to Bitcoins value. Thats nothing to be excited about. that messes up Bitcoin and the entire crypto market. Put in some other set alternative unit of measurement. Why have BTC dominance anymore. I see LTC are already moving that direction. Im sick of seeing the entire market drop when ever Bitcoin drops value, If that is all Bitcoin offers then who needs Bitcoin. The market needs to evolve its valuation structure. I’m only praising Bitcoin if they are helping, thats the difference with me and blind hodl’ers. This set up is open to market manipulation just by shorting Bitcoin alone, Its ridiculous. Everything loses value just by sucking out value via BTC. All the Bitcoin Hodl’ers are getting robbed of their Bitcoin’s value and all the tokens linked to new crypto business lost value, all of them. So to me, when I look at XRP i see Ripple, a centralized business that are interested in XRP success. Bitcoin are decentralized and therefore need to hope someone comes looking for them. Ripple meanwhile are making deals with the biggest banks in the world and moving into business next with XRP rapid. What are Bitcoin doing apart from copying Litecoin at this stage ? Look back in 60 days time to this moment. I wouldn’t steer you wrong. Buy XRP now. 100%

  5. So bitcoin rallies when you do bitcoin talkshow, and now the dow jones rallies when you do today in bitcoin? This channel’s got something special!

  6. Good job calling out coinbase ! Way to go and help the little guy I really appreciate that thank you ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Hey guys another great stream, i’ve been holding for years now. Would someone be able to summarise how you guys are able to dismiss the blockstream takeover accusations from the bitcoin cash side? So much FUD from both sides.

  8. This show makes me sad and sick now. I guess I’m looking forward to your apology when you realize you were supporting the fake Bitcoin now, but it’s not really going to make up for this. How can you do this? How can you not care? You said you cared about Bitcoin. You didn’t say you cared about the characters “BTC” representing lots of money. You said you cared about the project to change the world. What happened? Did something happen? How did it get this way? WHEN WILL IT END?? So heartbroken.

    • Endlessly doubling the blocks doesnโ€™t scale. Look at the bigger picture and try to understand how lightning network works. Fees were cheap because no one was using bitcoin. It wasnโ€™t always going to be that way. We need better solutions than just expanding the blocksize. Itโ€™s not enough.

  9. Damn that was a good show! I want to hear more from Jeffrey. I like his attitude of not being a sycophant for one side. Although, I have to agree with Thomas et al. that Bcash is a less confusing name than b*****n cash.

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