Today in Bitcoin (2017-09-08) – Tax Breaks – Mining Competition – Altcoin IRA?

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Creating tax parity for cryptocurrencies –

A Tokyo-listed company is spending over $300 million to get into bitcoin mining – Quartz

ICO Ban? Canada's Regulators Are Giving One Token Sale a Big Break – CoinDesk

Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum Classic and Litecoin Added by Bitcoin IRA –

Bitcoin rallies to move closer to $5,000 as ether slides – MarketWatch

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28 Comments on Today in Bitcoin (2017-09-08) – Tax Breaks – Mining Competition – Altcoin IRA?

    • Quick America, dump all your Bitcoin Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum and Ethereum Classic and buy the coins not on the “Bitcoin IRA” list (trigger those low buy orders placed by Europeans)

  1. This message is for Thom and Jimmy: WATCH YOUR BACKS! Tone did a great job with the show today. He even has the intro down. Good job kid.

  2. 6:08 Tone Vays – Scaling update
    9:08 Tone Vays – Market update
    12:37 Tone Vays – WCN Travel Schedule

    • Thanks as always Jeremy. Your stamps would be nice if they pinned them, they should just make you an admin here LOL!! Have a good wkend man.

    • A G if you are looking to invest in cryptocurrency, My opinion is that you shouldn’t have to stress yourself or worry over mining and if you are going about the right way to get results, I’m a miner but I mine in an entirely different way from the comfort of my home. What I do is to invest in a company that mines and trade crypto currencies. I do it effortlessly just by investing and waiting to cash out directly to my wallet or local bank account, All these is to be completely sure of a productive mining.

    A Tokyo-listed company is spending over $3 million to get into bitcoin mining

    “Correction: An earlier version of this article, including the headline, misstated the amount that GMO announced it would spend to start mining bitcoin. It is more than $3 million, and not more than $300 million as originally stated.”

    • rkl08551 have you tried investing in some other company that could mine and trade your cryptocurrencies on your behalf? That’s how I go about mine and it’s pretty impressive. I invest a lot but never tried investing over a million.

  4. I talked with the company Bitcoin IRA about 6 months ago about transferring my IRA.  I DID NOT DO IT!
    These folks have a very ammaturish view of crypto.  STAY AWAY!

    • Mark Couvillion so how do you intend on going about your investing in cryptocurrencies. Why don’t you invest your bitcoin in a company that mines and trade crypto currencies, they will help You in on whatever you want. Well thats how I go about mine, and it will be good for you also.

    • Sabotage Beats I’d rather hover around 4k the rest of the year. Also he didn’t get rekt because he doesn’t trade bitcoin but whatever. Hodling, hodling, and more hodling IMO

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