Today in Bitcoin (2017-07-26) – Mt. Gox Hack Solved? BTC-E Down, Admin Arrested

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BTC-e Connected to Bitcoin Money Laundering Arrest in Greece

Chainalysis Claims Then Seemingly Unclaims to Have Found the Missing 750,000 MT Gox Coins

Breaking open the MtGox case, part 1

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15 Comments on Today in Bitcoin (2017-07-26) – Mt. Gox Hack Solved? BTC-E Down, Admin Arrested

  1. Best advice – sell everything, be ready to buy on or after august 1. You can’t be sentimental over Bitcoin when there are profits to be made or a lot of money to be lost. Holding is NOT the wisest thing to do now. Things have changed.

  2. Dig the live Bit’ intro. Make me feel a bit more on the leading edge of cryptocurrencies. Thank for your poignant observations and commentary. just one observation that you might consider, when signing off “bye bye”, just remind us of who we are. We are Bitcoin. ” buy buy Bitcoin.”

  3. BTC-e was an anonymous exchange, being an exchange it is obious they where going to get stolen Bitcoins unless you believe in colored coins, but your logic is absurd if every bank that had stolen dollars were to be shutdown there would be no banks. The real reason BTC-e was shutdown is because it was an anonymous exchange, lets not forget in the very early years of Bitcoin there where a few anonymous exchanges in USA and due to changes in USA law they all had to shutdown, but BTC-e was overseas and operated by russians therefore free of USA law. The real criminals are in washington that do not permit individuals to have financial freedom, that try to enforce USA law on other nations, and that confiscate others peoples money, a lot of the money in BTC-e belonged to their customers. I have seen a lot of videos talking like if BTC-E were the criminals and that is expected from the mainstream media but it is not expected from people that have been on the Bitcoin community for a while, we all know that they were an anonymous exchange, and that uncle Sam is all about control, we have to make that clear, otherwise they are also going to go after anonymous email, anonymous vpn, etc. Its all about control from washington. This is a good reason decentralization is extremely important and why too large blocks will fail.

  4. BTC could surge to $10k because of this. If those coins never see the light of day after this (confiscated) the scarcity value could go through the roof! Start buying what you can folks!

  5. Cannot be a happier news for bitcoin. They were dumping their stolen coins to drive the price down. Btc-e always had about 100$ less price than other exchanges. Now they are down suddenly price shooting up. Also most ppl moved or moving coins from exchange cause of btc e and august 1. Very good timing. Less supply and somewhat increased demand cause few ppl buying in to get free BCC on august 1. Everything is working out like a pre written script for bitcoin. Meanwhile segwit is being locked. I feel sorry for Alt coins. BTC dominance going to be above 60% i reckon.

  6. US gov robs Americans too.
    Rob people of cash and property on suspicion of drug dealing with no proof or official indictment – is common police practice in U.S.

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