27 Comments on The Bitcoin News Show #79 – Interview with Andrew DeSantis

  1. For some reason this show made me search out videos of yoyo tricks.
    Bitcoin is like a massive yoyo set in motion about to show its tricks! 🙂
    No wonder the price is so weird. Buy yoyo! 🙂

  2. Fine line between genius and crazy. I do love listening to him, but have no idea of the validity of his claims.

  3. In your failed quest for Truth, Vortex, you overlooked the King James Bible. My channel can help.

    • Why so angry? You dont know what the Bible says. Youre being presumptuous to disparage it without understanding it. But in answer to your question, I was also on that quest for truth once, but now I have it, and I’d like Vortex to have it too. It only comes through God’s word. God does not deal with mankind other than through his appointed means. But its Vortex’s choice to keep seeking him. You should stay out of it until you know something worth contributing. “A wise man will hear, and will increase learning; and a man of understanding shall attain unto wise counsels: To understand a proverb, and the interpretation; the words of the wise, and their dark sayings. The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge: but fools despise wisdom and instruction.” (proverbs 1:5-7; KJV)

    • Now you profess to know what I know.
      Like I said, presumptuous.
      “angry”? laughing at you now.

  4. Oddly enjoyable punctuated by moments when the viewer has to ask if what was just said is brilliant or total BS. My assessment; mostly BS.

  5. Woo woo word salad. The art of talking much while saying nothing of meaning.
    The crypto Deepak Chopra no less.
    Flatpack Chopra, yes, that’ll do.

  6. Dude! Email went mainstream in 1995 when AOL went nationwide linking all their urban intranets.

  7. There are quantum limitations to Moore’s law. Something Mr Big Blocks seems to be ignoring, or is ignorant of.

  8. This guy has SOME points but mostly is ‘spun out’ Mr Big Block is dangerous and thinks hes a genius but hes not. Just IMO

  9. His point about the network effect of the public keys makes no sense. Who cares about a code that contains the number 1 followed by random letters and numbers. The network effect of a user name in understanding language to a human being has validity. I could not get the name Cryptodoc but got Crypt0doc with a zero. Language has meaning to people through its symbols not through code. Maybe this network effect would matter to an AI but not a human. This guy was probably an AI and not actual human. I did enjoy the thought provoking discussion (at least what I could understand).

  10. Scalability and critical mass is what I hear him getting at. As the critical mass starts moving with btc, then the devs need to keep adjusting the protocol (lightning network, segwit, etc) to build out btc’s network to accommodate the herd. Also, the petrodollar is coming under heavy fire. People are going to realize that, in order for this failing fiat to continue enabling American exceptionalism, more endless wars will need to be started. We have been fighting the war in Afghanistan for SIXTEEN years. Now trump (at the beck and call of Israel) is calling for war in Iran. More death in the sands of the Middle East, more young people getting their lives destroyed, ptsd, suicide and addiction to prescription meds… or make fat bank with crypto and realize real abundance in one’s lifetime…. which one will the people (young people especially) choose? Seems like a pretty easy choice to me (imho).

  11. This guy smoked too much weed. You are lowering the quality of the show with this interview.

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