The Bitcoin News Show #72 – Overt ASICBoost Patent, PoW Change, Future of Hardware Wallets

The Bitcoin News Show for the week of March 5th with your host @theonevortex and panelists @danrobinson @bitstein @francispouliot_ with special guest @slushcz!

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Shoutout to DJ Booth 007 (@djbooth007) for making a bot that helps warn people about crypto scam tweets on twitter

Twitter Pledges Action on Crypto Scams After Account Bans

The coin PAC found itself in the top 3 of coinmarketcap for a few hours due to it's creation of 7.8 trillion coins and around ~40btc of volume

More and more regulation coming down on ICOs as FinCEN suggested that Money Transmitter Rules should Apply to ICOs

'All Funds Are Safe': Binance Denies Crypto Hack Rumors

Overt ASICBoost patent and PoW Change

Hardware wallets, what's happening and where is the industry going?

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  1. 3:15 Latest news
    4:44 Introductions
    6:19 Overt ASICBoost Patent – Slush
    18:45 Overt ASICBoost Patent – Francis Pouliot
    27:43 Overt ASICBoost Patent – Michael Goldstein
    37:04 Overt ASICBoost Patent – Daniel Robinson
    48:39 Future of HW Wallets – Slush
    1:03:29 Future of HW Wallets – Daniel
    1:11:26 Future of HW Wallets – Michael
    1:12:44 Future of HW Wallets – Francis
    1:33:12 Contact information

  2. There is a fundamental misunderstanding of patent rights: in exchange for a patent a patentee must publish the complete specs of his technology. A patent grants an exclusive right for a limited period of time but only in conjunction with full disclosure to the public of exactly how the patented technology works, and a patent must disclose sufficient information for competitors to fully understand and build upon the technology covered. Patents arent secretive, theyre just legally enforceable usage rights to a publicly disclosed new technology for 10 -20 years depending on the tech. Confidentiality agreements and trade secrets, however, are secretive but do not grant legally enforceable exclusive usage rights, so patents actually incentivize inventors to share their knowledge with the public whereas without patent rights every company would keep all their R&D totally secret.

  3. Bitcoin heater units totally blew my mind, it seems like such an elegantly simple solution to decentralisation of mining and a useful proof of work. 33:18

  4. Nice to hear about defensive patents for bitcoin hardware, they sound necessary for all the breakthroughs we hopefully have in the pipeline.

  5. I sold all my Bitcoins and Ether. Bought some real Silver. Just holding some NEO and Neblio

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