19 Comments on The Bitcoin News Show #62 – Sidechains, Drivechains and RSK

  1. 2:43 Opinion on lightning network – Paul Sztorc
    6:03 Thoughts on futures market – Diego Gutierrez Zaldivar
    7:45 Thoughts on futures market – Paul
    14:30 Difference between drivechains and sidechains – Paul
    20:45 Difference between drivechains and sidechains – Diego
    22:30 Timeline before lightning network to be used – Paul
    27:04 Timeline before lightning network to be used – Diego
    28:20 What could see in 2018 for sidechains? – Paul
    30:45 What could see in 2018 for sidechains? – Diego
    33:35 What is RSK and how can it benefit people? – Diego
    41:25 What do you think of RSK? – Paul
    47:06 Describe “Federation” and how it works – Diego
    53:22 What are some exciting apps we can build on RSK? – Diego
    56:48 Contact info

  2. Bitcoin was at 13500 last night! I wish i had more money or else i would have bought some more

    • The consensus mechanisms can be completely changed in a side chain, in a side chain anything is possible. The block rewards on the main chain have nothing to do with any type of reward on the side chain. You could for example, change the block reward and block timing of a side chain block. No matter how many tokens you have on a side chain, they simply are pegged to bitcoin so that the value can be interchanged between chains.

    • Thanks for taking the time to reply in such depth Vortex, I really appreciate it. It’s amazing how deep this rabbit hole goes. It’s like there is no limit to what bitcoin is capable of.

  3. I really like drive chains, but there are lots of people who actually lose when we destroy alt coins. Alt coins are pumps and dumps and the pro traders love it to rob the plebs of their money. There is going to be resistance.

  4. which cryptos are the next one, that are exploding?
    I got some Lend and Ioata hoping in 3-5 years they will grow up to at least 300 %
    What are your secret ones?

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