The Bitcoin Group #201 – FacebookCoin – Coinbase & Fidelity want Xapo – Square #1 – NotSatoshi

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Dan Eve ( )
Joshua Scigala ( )
and Thomas Hunt ( )


Facebook to Roll Out 'GlobalCoin' Cryptocurrency in 2020: Report – CoinDesk

Coinbase & Fidelity are "Neck-in-Neck" in Race to Acquire Xapo

/r/Bitcoin on Twitter: "As of last month Wladimir J. van der Laan has been core maintainer for over 5 years. Thanks laanwj! 🙂 "

Bitcoin-Friendly Square Cash is The Top Finance App in the US –

US Copyright Office Does Not Acknowledge Craig Wright As Bitcoin's Creator, Satoshi Nakamoto


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5 Comments on The Bitcoin Group #201 – FacebookCoin – Coinbase & Fidelity want Xapo – Square #1 – NotSatoshi

  1. 0:29 FacebookCoin – Ben BTCSocialist
    6:51 FacebookCoin – Josh Scigala
    11:38 Exit question – How long will FacebookCoin last?
    14:05 Coinbase & Fidelity want Xapo – Josh
    16:59 Coinbase & Fidelity want Xapo – Ben
    27:35 Exit question – Who will buy Xapo?
    29:16 Square #1 – Ben
    35:50 Square #1 – Josh
    38:08 Exit question – Why didn’t Coinbase make an app like Cash App?
    45:53 NotSatoshi – Josh
    47:20 NotSatoshi – Ben
    54:02 Exit question – When will CSW stop claiming he’s Satoshi?
    57:50 Prediction or story of the week – Ben
    1:00:22 Prediction or story of the week – Josh

  2. thomas i have a airbnb coupon i can’t use i want to send you but i can’t seem to find an email i can send to

  3. I’m not sure if it’s subconscious, intentional or just garden variety triggering but it always brings a smile to my face when the ancap ‘Group’ participants feel they need to name drop (at least one) Hayek, Mises, the Minger, Rothbard et al to underpin their arguments when BTC Socialist is in the house. lol ; )

    • Josh did raise an interesting point, which I touched upon ranting about “good” monopolies, such as Linux, Wikipedia, bitcoin. When we talk about free-markets we imagine privately owned companies competing, which existed with private money issuance, and those markets suffered the problems free-markets suffer with, “bad” monopolies, toxic competition. scammers, calls for regulation…
      Is it correct to call bitcoin “free market money”, if it eliminates all the competition in the free market with its good monopoly (thus no free market left)?
      Isn’t bitcoin the free market money killer, just as Wikipedia is the free market encyclopedia killer, and Linux is the free market OS killer?

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