The Bitcoin Group #157 – SEC again – Bitcoin $5000 – Lightning vs. Nothing – F2Pool joins #NO2X

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SEC_News on Twitter: "Investors: beware of scams involving initial coin offering-related claims "

Investor Alert: Public Companies Making ICO-Related Claims |

Bitcoin Legal Panel – The SEC and You – YouTube

bitcoin – Google Search

Creator of World's First Bitcoin Fuel Pump Plans Lightning Support – CoinDesk

F2Pool Reneges: Bitcoin Pool Pulls Segwit2x Support Over Hard Fork – CoinDesk

Kyle Torpey on Twitter: "@jgarzik what's wrong with @MadBitcoins's tweet?"

Mad Bitcoins [NO2X] on Twitter: "@DJ_Erock23 @moonkin48 @jgarzik @ToneVays @TechBalt @adam3us @eric_lombrozo @TraceMayer @fluffypony @jimmysong sure. you can say whatever you want. But in the real world, the core developers do not support 2X. #NO2X #wakeup "

Moonkin on Twitter: "@jgarzik No thanks, Barry & Greg. Steer clear! #no2x @ToneVays @TechBalt @adam3us @eric_lombrozo @TraceMayer @fluffypony @jimmysong @MadBitcoins "

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23 Comments on The Bitcoin Group #157 – SEC again – Bitcoin $5000 – Lightning vs. Nothing – F2Pool joins #NO2X

  1. 1:00 Issue 1 – Bitcoin all time high or higher? – Gabriel D Vine
    5:26 Issue 1 – Jimmy Song
    6:45 Issue 1 – Tone Vays
    11:30 Issue 2 – Will ICOs last forever or the end? – Jimmy Song
    13:30 Issue 2 – Tone Vays
    16:08 Issue 2 – Gabriel D Vine
    18:03 Exit question – Will ICOs get bigger or better? – Jimmy Song
    19:06 Exit question – Tone Vays
    21:05 Exit question – Gabriel D Vine
    22:22 Issue 3 – Is there future for Bitcoin microtransactions with Lightning Network – Tone Vays
    29:41 Issue 3 – Gabriel D Vine
    33:38 Issue 3 – Jimmy Song
    43:48 Exit question – Can Bitcoin be a store of value without micropayments?
    44:25 Issue 4 – Do we need the 2X hardfork? – Gabriel D Vine
    46:10 Issue 4 – Jimmy Song
    47:23 Issue 4 – Tone Vays
    53:50 Exit question – Will there be a 2X hardfork?
    58:10 Prediction or story of the week – Gabriel D Vine
    59:33 Prediction or story of the week – Jimmy Song
    1:00:53 Prediction or story of the week – Tone Vays
    1:04:35 Story of the week – Thomas Hunt – Europe trip

    • Yes be more like Thomas and Jimmy as far as the hair goes, currently it shows insecurity that style you have now.

  2. Tone’s prediction of BTC pulls back was perfect. I have a question please: Those numerical indicators, are a Trading view feature or what? Thank you !

  3. I disagree with Tone a lot, but he is correct about his micropayments argument. Today as things stand it mostly a solution in search of a problem. Under the current fiat system we ,all could be paying (for example) $0.005 to view this video. That could happen if the fiat banks set up monthly clearing accounts and google implemented the correct software. Jimmy showing courage by stating the obvious: internal competition (forks) has shown itself to be good for bitcoin. Competition is the secret sauce in natural systems and it works for crypto as well.

  4. ICO’s are lists of holders that have an interest in companies so as these lists are on thousands of computers they are not going away. Tone makes a lot of accurate statements and some blatantly inaccurate statements also.

  5. i think u need to settle this in the boxing ring….look bitcoin is the future you can pay a prostitute for a couple of satoshi

  6. Tone is right. The reason Bitcoin will never be a competitor currency against Visa or Mastercard is because of what they are…”credit” cards. All transactions are backed by central banks as credit. Central banks as one entity, guarantees their value to the store owners compared to Bitcoins having to be guaranteed by people on the bitcoin network. Dash is getting really close to being a competitor in this field. Bitcoin is a great store of value, and entices people to save. Once they design a coin with decimals same as the USD that has zero volatility that can be purchased with bitcoin…you’ll have your digital currency.

  7. save Saudi arabia ? good point! .. note to self .. never buy oil with bitcoin .. and don’t buy oil period..

  8. What JS and TV need to realise that bitcoin as a store of value is at least partially predicated on its assumed future utility as a medium of exchange. In order to be truly valuable in the long term, bitcoin has to become ubiquitous and that ubiquity cant happen without it being easily cheaply and quickly transactable (even if that requires an L2 network).

    JS says that micro transactions are pointless because people dont want to spend bitcoin That may be the case right now but the whole point of savings is to eventually spend it and in the future when more people want to spend more of their bitcoin and will want to do so directly and not have go via fiat. Also this argument is based on people holding most of their liquid funds in fiat, surely the whole point of bitcoin and crypto currencies generally is that eventually (say 10-20 years) we get the point where fiat becomes an transient state that our money goes through when we get our salaries and when we pay taxes and the rest of the time it is iheld in steadily appreciating in sound cypto.

    JS and TV lack of vision is bit surprising, they are essentially saying that they dont care if bitcoin becomes useful so long as its a store of value … SURELY such intelligent people can see that the two are related ??.

    Oh dear it gets worse … TV is now arguing that there is “no current technological barrier” that we dont need micro transactions because we can already do it with existing money mechanisms – seriously ?, has he been staring at charts so long that he has completely lost touch with the whole point of the crypto currency movement ? you do realise that if everyone thought like you that very few people would be putting money into bitcoin and cryptos in the first place right ?. You do realise that the store of value is only a store of value at least partially because of the promise of things it cant yet do (but have been priced in).

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