The Bitcoin Group #149 – “Satoshi” Speaks – Alphabay Down – $50M Fund – $55,000 Bitcoin

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Tone Vays ( )
Kyle Torpey ( )
Blake Anderson ( )
and Thomas Hunt ( )


Craig Wright Speech Full (starts at 2:28:38)

Today in Bitcoin (2017-07-04) – Excerpts from Craig Wright’s Speech

Voorhees: Bitcoin Will Probably Be Replaced If Scaling Resolution Not Found This Summer

Alphabay is currently down

AlphaBay, Biggest Online Drug Bazaar, Goes Dark, and Questions Swirl

Former Bain Manager Launches $50 Million Bitcoin and Ethereum Fund

First major Wall Street strategist weighs in on bitcoin, sees it worth as much as $55,000

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46 Comments on The Bitcoin Group #149 – “Satoshi” Speaks – Alphabay Down – $50M Fund – $55,000 Bitcoin

  1. Thanks for everyone who participated in chat live! It’s one of my favorite parts of the week to chat with you all. Vires in numeris!

    • Interesting discussion on collapse and liquidity situations. How long would it take countries and big companies to decide to purchase BTC? Would the price not fall leading up to them wising up?

  2. its a basic IQ test for bitcoiners: if you believe #FakeSatoshi your too dumb to join the adults table.

    • What right do you have to take it as a fact that Craig Wright is not Satoshi, and then to assert this belief that your have turned in to a fact in to a Bitcoin IQ test? If you believe Craig Wright to not be Satoshi, fine, but why try to brain wash other people?

    • Gavin Andresen is a highly intelligent man who went to Princeton Uni and 90% of the current Bitcoin community also wipe this guy aside like he is a complete idiot, and many troll his Twitter account. Saying comments like above only encourages this trend to continue

    • There are far stranger and more unlikely stories than Wright being Nakamoto – think Fritz Haber…

    • Matthew Titley Being in Uni doesn’t mean one is better at seeing through human motive. on the contrary, a street smart dropout might be better at doing that.

    • Everyone knows, unless the pillars shake, it’s all fake satoshi. Fake Satoshi – the original fake news.

  3. Thanks to Blake for answering my question. Seems like he has quite a technical understanding, would be great to hear him and tone discuss this further at some point.

  4. I wanted to watch you guys live but I just can’t get out of bed at 3 AM Thailand time. Even so, you guys are thumbs way up. Thanks so much for helping me learn about bitcoin.

  5. check out Particl (PART) on decentralized markets coin hasn’t launched but just read through what they are doing.

  6. Incredible attack on Bitcoin happening now! Very solid technical presentations about Segwit problems disappearing from Youtube and crap like this is all that is available to see (i.e. “Segwit is great.”). Very scary times for this revolution.

  7. i understand that something called ‘The Halfening’ comes in 2020 and Bitcoin is going up even more because of less coins/tokens mined…. ur thoughts please???

    • so in other words, bitcoin many double in price or more every Four years? if so, than by far this is the greatest investment of its kind… in my day, im 67 a Tbill paid me 18% and my money doubled about every 5-7 years… funny thing, i watched litecoin and bitcoin back in 2009-11 and briefly got in thru mt gox… then i lost all interest and thought it was ponzi scheme and criminal tool for scammers… now i can see the light as they say… currently im investing in litecoin and waiting for a run up this year after august 1st and transfer part of my proceeds to bitcoin for my Old age years… he he

  8. Eric Voorhees doesn’t need Bitcoin to survive. He runs several businesses including an exchange that is not dependent on the success of bitcoin.
    You are missing the point of what the FREE MARKET is telling him and you. If you Kill off the Free Market of Bitcoin, you will kill Bitcoin. I love watching your show but I have more respect for Eric than all of you put together. Not all of us FEAR THE FORK like you. Some of us know that forking means evolving and should not be feared, it should be embraced. When you stop a Complex System from being allowed to evolve, you make it FRAGILE. Cryptos and the Crypto markets are ANTIFRAGILE. The other Cryptos will continue to evolve and go right around Bitcoin if you continue to fragilize it. I have no doubt that a fork now, after all this fear mongering, will upset the market for a time. But, I would much rather have stock in two Bitcoins competing against each other as they evolve than one Bitcoin that went extinct because it wasn’t allowed to adapt to its environment.

    • What of the trade off between zero raid and 5? Do you believe that a continuum of compromise exists in terms of centralization and efficiency versus decentralization and antrifragility?

    • Once again I think you are still making the wrong comparison. Control and centralization have little effect on a system that is allowed to do and try all things. By this time we could have had all versions competing to find a winner and many finding their niche of specialization. The weak die, the strong survive. All of them with the same root or Genesis and original investors would be vested in all branches.

    • Hey Blake, here is the way I see it, as it relates to our book Antifragile.
      The Bitcoin Core Devs are the Soviet-Harvard Fragilista writing all the rules. Great Programers but that doesn’t mean they understand all monetary business needs.
      Bitmain, Bitpay, ShapeShift and others, that is the free market and the doers trying to make things happen.
      The free market is begging to have scaling in all ways ASAP or they will be forced to use alternative cryptos. I know this for myself because I am already being forced to use Alts to do things that I previously did with Bitcoin.
      This idea that some have of Bitcoin being a Gold or store of value is a dream that will disappear on day one when the rest of the world finds a better, faster value transfer method that is widely accepted.

  9. If Fake Satoshi cannot sign a message from a known-satoshi address, he should be uniformly ignored by the entire community

  10. Disappointed with Tone bashing anyone and everyone that has a different opinion from him. Biggest fake is Tone Vays. Don’t call yourself a trader anymore. You don’t trade. Your a fake!

  11. I write this after first 10 mins… a lot of talking about reputations and discrediting Craig and Roger… but talk about the ideas guys. An idea has no identity. Hope this video will get better, cause i love you sat down to discuss this.

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