12 Comments on San Francisco Bitcoin Event – What the Coin??

  1. This year a strong growth will be given by Nem, EOS and Zilliqa! It is possible to make good X-es on them)

  2. Do you want to take wing on a rocket? Buy the Zilliqa) In case you have no money, it is possible to receive some using airdrop freetokens.online/airdropzilliqa

  3. Bad Mic of recording as always. !!! These people refuse to mic up to live streaming on many channels? WTF !!!!!

    • And no you don’t need 3 mics on the dude from 3 channels !! haha it’s a 2 year slump !!!

  4. Well thats 2 hours of my life I feel I have been robed of. One of the worst, if not the worst bitcoin events i have ever watched, the only reason i continue watching is because its on this channel and i respect this channels content so was waiting for 1 or 2 decent bits of constructive info. If this was a event i had paid to watch i would not be attending anymore by this promoter

  5. WTF was that. Say bitcoin get people in the door!! Andy Hoffman would love this meet up plenty of ICO’s looking for a good hypeman

  6. Could tell from the start, the first speaker was going to dump on the only decentralized crypto. He doesn’t get it.

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