Run Your Own nodl, Make Your Own Rules ~ Ketominer and Askuwheteau ~ Understanding Bitcoin

nodl enables you to connect to Bitcoin and the Lightning Network so that you can verify and process payments without having to rely on any intermediaries. nodl runs uncensored, you are free to connect with anyone, anywhere, anytime. It enables you to operate near-instantaneously at a fraction of the cost of doing business with classic payment options. nodl comes in a solid metal enclosure. Plug it in and within 3 clicks you are downloading the blockchain. Choose nodl and join hundreds of early adopters around the globe, who are building a better future. Run your own nodl and experience financial sovereignty.
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The nodl is running:
-Bitcoin Core
-Lightning Network Deamon
-BTC Pay Server
-Electrum Personal Server
-Ride The Lightning

Understanding Bitcoin conference is organized with a focus on the non-technical, non-developer users that want to increase their knowledge and technical participation in the Bitcoin network. Not everyone has the skills to take full advantage of what Bitcoin has to offer, so this event will help the average user be more familiar with best practices and understanding all aspects of interacting with the Bitcoin network. There will be practical hands on presentations of how to set up features, along with theoretical discussions removing the FUD and misconceptions surrounding the current state of Bitcoin’s Trustless Network.

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