25 Comments on One-on-One w/Andy Hoffman – Episode 14 – Special Guest Adam Meister

  1. 2:58 Is this the explosion of a digital age or needs to deflate first?
    4:28 Do you know anyone who own Bitcoin outside of the Bitcoin world?
    6:30 How do you forsee the cryptocurrency bullmarket carrying out?
    18:50 What do you attribute the Korean mindset to be and how it affects markets?
    31:58 If a confrontation is emminent, what will be the community’s reponse?
    39:16 Latest developments to sell hardforks worth discussing
    50:13 What will be the top cryptocurrency news be for 2018?

  2. Yesterday a colleague came to my cube and surprsed me by discussing cryptocurrency with me. I didn’t know he was interested. Another one almost bought GBTC. He said his wife vetoed that

  3. Bcash cannot be both deflationary and transaction fee-free. If it is deflationary the capital gain tax on transactions serves as the fee.

  4. What is the point of this? it’s like two New England Pat fans both trying to convince each other that the Pats are the best team in the NFL

  5. I look at Ethereum like Garmin. It’s a great technology but that technology can be added to Bitcoin or Litecoin just like cellphones have Garmin like apps.I hold Litecoin for some diversification. It has added Seg Wit, lightening network, and atomic swaps without any drama from bad actors. I think because of Bitcoins scarcity Litecoin is a high quality alternative with great potential.

    • My biggest bets are on Litecoin but Bitcoin is here to stay. Hedge with a small amount of Vertcoin, I think that project takes LTC one step further with the decentralized mining.

    • Someone who owns Bitcoin in their superannuation account and doesn’t have to pay tax on the increased value. Otherwise say nothing.

  6. LITECOIN will get to a 1:4 ratio with BITCOIN that is 25% people and likely MORE!!
    Hoffman doesn’t believe LTC will even get to 5% of bitcoin?!! @13:10 he said it!

  7. Almost every one of my co workers has Bitcoin. One bought a mining rig and he didn’t know what “Satoshi” was. Another bought a Bitcoin ATM and a mining rig and owns zero Bitcoin. Its bubblicious in Los Angeles. I haven’t mentioned all the people outside of work that I know has it.

  8. Monero will last. Its got a core group of HODLers and a special use case. Outside of that I think there are several that will last but I tend to agree with regards to Coins that are suppose to monetary lasting. Dash likely will but we shall see.

  9. I like Adam, but he is wrong about LTC. it will go to thousands and become the utility crypto while BTC will become more and more a store of value.

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