21 Comments on On a Boat (live) – with Alejandro de la Torre from BTC.com

  1. Yes exactly!! Bitcoin cash is not the enemy but the banks are. Great show guys. People should stop attacking others.

  2. Say No to the enemy, say #No2X
    There is a currency war on and behind the scenes there is huge-money attacking the bitcoin-system… already we have large pools of unknown miners, we have Chip manufacturers and pools being closely-related, then we have exchanges controlled by the same people that make chips and mine coins….and then we have shadow-governments making legislations to allow or stifle cryptos…Central-Banks have funded and directed a move to have full spectrum dominance over the bitcoin environment… Roger Ver & Bitcoin.com & Jihan & the South Korean connection are keen to take the name BTC and they are trying to confuse new markets to take a centralised, rigged shitcoin bcc…
    I support tone vays and Richard Heart and all the Core Dev team #No2X

  3. Use Bitcoin.com wallet since Beta, and Works great with Bitcoin Cash, Also have some Bitcoin Core, But do not trust Segregated Witness..  Don’t like idea to throw away information thats needed to verify data in future..

  4. In the south of Holland we don’t have only ATMs in the water. We have 3 on the mainland: Breda, Eindhoven en Oudenbosch.

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