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Beautyon on Twitter: "CONFIRMED. BIS is using a PR company to spread it's Bitcoin FUD. Articles like this don't just appear at random or because a “journalist” takes interest in a story. Watch for identical headlines and photos across multiple outlets. "

Bitcoin is useless, unsafe, and dirty: this new report is withering in its verdict

[2018-06-17] 'Bitcoin is useless, unsafe, and dirty, finds withering BIS report'

Bitcoin Could Break the Internet, Central Bank Overseer Says – Bloomberg

Bitcoin could 'bring the internet to a halt,' banking group warns

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Stephan Livera on Twitter: "show me someone who says "Bitcoin is the myspace", and I'll show you someone who hasn't heard of hashcash, b-money, e-gold etc… "

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Mad Bitcoins on Twitter: "Been working on turning my novel into a Kindle Book (& paperback). I made a starter cover. =[8-) #bitcoin… "

Mr. Swing Trade [Eric Choe] on Twitter: "#BTC #Bitcoin volume decreasing. This signifies an upcoming large price action. 4-Hour #btc Shorts vs. Longs… "

Bitcoin Recovery Stalls Raising Risk of Price Drop – CoinDesk

Bitcoin price analysis: BTC/USD is rangebound after the calm weekend; hacked BitGrail lost its Bitcoins

No, Bitcoin Won't Use Up All The World's Energy

Where Are The Bitcoin Customers' Lambos?

Bitcoin price could be hit by bitcoin futures contracts, Tom Lee says – Business Insider

History Lovers Club on Twitter: "30 years ago he spoke into his watch and owned a driverless car. He was a true tech pioneer.… "

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26 Comments on New FUD: “Bitcoin is useless, unsafe, and dirty” Bitcoin Talk Show #LIVE (Skype WorldCryptoNetwork)

    • Really? So all the awesome things that Bitcoin allows me to do is an illusion? Am I schizophrenic? Please, tell me why my delusions are so powerful to think that Bitcoin is useful to me.

  1. Great debunking. I could have done a similar video but just didn’t have the energy needed to debunk every single one of their half-truths lol

  2. In the 90’s a so called expert said on a money news program that gold was no longer of value it old economy

    • When I heard that so called expert paint gold as worthless was trying to panic the public into selling their gold fast so the expert and his kind could double down buying gold at rock bottom prices at the time gold was $367

  3. Bitcoins are easy. When ever there is bad news and the price drops, that’s when you buy.

  4. Sorry Thomas, but when MadBitcoins says he’s reacting in his portfolio to bad news.. it’s time to buy.

    • Now 50 minutes in.. You are clearly capitulating on this episode. Talking about money grubbing pigs and “market manipulation” and carpet baggers… Hilarious and kinda sad. This is why you were begging for donations in the bull market. 🙁

      btc is up 5% in the 4 hours that have passed since you recorded this. Lesson to all.

  5. I think you reccommeded “The Lords of Creation”. If it was, thank you! I just got a copy transferred to my local library and I am digging in. The copy the library gave me was printed in 1936! They knew how to make books back then, it is in excellent shape. Just for a lark, I checked for it on amazon, and discovered the book in my hand is worth $500! I wonder what the library would charge me for “losing” it….

  6. Did anyone really expect the *Bank* for International Settlements to talk about how great Bitcoin is?

  7. Kipper-Und wipperzeit= Debasemenet of neighboring states metal currency. In other words doing exactly what the fed is doing today only printing yuan or euros instead of dollars. Read Naomi Prins. She details that the central banks are coordinating their activities to produce this same effect.

  8. Imagine how much energy the fud trolls are wasting…why, you should be dancin’, yeah!

  9. I get treated like a criminal by us customs every time I comeback from another country ( asked a bunch of personal questions luggage hand searched etc) and I have all the legal docs. If they don’t like it go back home!!!!! No one asked them to come here!

  10. Thomas you are awesome and such a breathe of fresh air and sanity in the midst of all this! Thank you so much. And please keep up with the literary readings, it gives me faith in humanity

  11. The proof is in the actions we all take, dispute their false statements, the project continues. Don’t just trust verjfy.

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