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    • The key difference in this case is that the allegations here are mostly internal (from Tor Project employees), whereas the Assange case was external allegations (Swedish prosecutors). But yes, I think it’s very relevant to consider that the cases are similar in many ways.

  1. I like these clarifications during the video, thats cool. This is more complicated then i expected.

  2. Smear campaign done to destroy Jacob’s reputation. Eye witness evidence has been proven to be the most unreliable evidence.

    • What reputation? He has been funneling DoD money into his organization’s collective pocket for a long time. He had this coming. The governments have used him as a disinformation and psyop agent and he’s run his course. This is basically their way of telling him mission accomplished.

    • I believe in disinformation when I read all the conflicting comments related to this, so, you think he is an agent and why is that?

  3. the jake website weather true or not is a hit job and remarkably immature and cowardly. file charges, get a court date and go from there. If not, go away the owners of the site should know that written false accusations constitute libel and slander..have fun

  4. This story reminds me of this one NSA slide about “how to discredit a target” which describes almost exactly what happened to appelbaum.

    • yeah these are exactly the slides I’ve meant. was the GCHQ then, even worse. It seems pretty likely that someone just wanted to silence him, I think besides governments there are many other people who are interested in getting rid of him. sadly. The tor project and free software in general needs people like him, so let’s hope for a comeback.

    • Where is the proof or where did you get your info from, everybody simply expresses thoughts, opinions, whatever they think is right, whatever people want to believe – they believe, but somewhere there must be hard facts, right(?), can anybody proof anything in the end? Or is it all just wild speculation, I mean, what makes you think so, at least, if you don’t have any proof at all?

  5. “As of December 2015, the new executive director of Tor Project is
    Shari Steele, a lawyer who has a long history working with the
    Electronic Frontier Foundation. Her husband is currently a vice
    president at Amazon and previously worked for the Chief Information
    Officer at the Pentagon and the US Army Personnel Information Systems
    “Since the investigation began, it is not just Appelbaum
    who has been replaced, but the Tor Project entire board of directors.
    Additionally, the project has moved its headquarters across the US, from
    Cambridge, Massachusetts to Seattle, Washington. Several others in the
    orbit of the project have left in the wake of Appelbaum’s ousting.”

    “Recently-leaked internal Tor IRC logs reveal that an ex-CIA officer
    who worked with the agency for eight years and held Top Secret/Sensitive
    Compartmented Information clearance was briefly employed at the Tor
    Project in late 2014, though there was a falling out when it was
    discovered that he used to be CIA. It is currently unknown what his role
    was, although according to Cryptome he joined Tor the day after
    Operation Onymous, a drug raid targeting markets on the Tor network,
    “Another document leaked at the same time purports to lay
    out plans for a “campaign to destroy Jake” by exploiting “the rise of
    the ‘micro-aggression/trigger/safe space/victim’ American subculture.”
    The authenticity of this document has not been confirmed.”



  6. Tor’s chief of security Jake got deposed, and now we see Tor has a backdoor. The story seems pretty straight-forward to me.

  7. Nope, sorry, this is NOT like the disinformation campaign against Assange. Appelbaum is no doubt a brilliant man, but he’s also troubled (given his upbringing, it’s no wonder) and has a long history of credit-hogging, using intimidation against those he views as “competition’ (i.e., he has a bit of a Messiah complex, like Assange) and LOTS of sexually predatory behavior attested to by numerous people over a significant period of time. People without much to gain from coming forward, mind you. And people who have been linked to him professionally, romantically or in both capacities.

    Just as with Cosby, the capacity to be a tremendous catalyst for societal change in no way precludes a person from having demons in their closet and allowing those demons to short-circuit their higher self.

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