10 Comments on FutureRant – Vinay Gupta Pt 4/4 – “Cypherpunk to Cyberpunk”

  1. That’s the first time I’ve heard proof of work referred to as a hack. Also, he was claiming that Bitcoin is centralized and ethereum not? What kind of mental gymnastics does one have to go through to come to these conclusions?

  2. I was previously impressed by Vinay until his Scottish rant.
    He is delusional with a gift for language that obfuscates his deficiencies.

    • That would be very
      interesting to watch for sure Tony, Vinay and Gabe.

      But first they must all
      each play or sing us a song for no less than 2 min. Gabe can
      improvise an accompaniment on an instrument of his own choice if he
      so wishes.

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