FutureRant Ep. 3: Manfred Karrer, founder of Bisq (aka Bitsquare)

Join FutureRant w/ Gabriel D Vine for an exclusive interview with Manfred Karrer, founder of Bisq (aka Bitsquare). We discuss the decentralized Bitcoin exchange software and its plans to blossom into a full-fledged decentralized autonomous organization (DAO).

More info:
Compensation request for genesis distribution

Bisq DAO – Overview

Bisq arbitration and mediation system

14 Comments on FutureRant Ep. 3: Manfred Karrer, founder of Bisq (aka Bitsquare)

  1. Excellent! One of the best projects for a long time! woot! Long live THE (resurrected) DAO. Can’t say enough… 🙂

    • Just to be clear — this has nothing to do with the infamous Ethereum DAO (referred to as The DAO by some). It is an implementation of the _”Distributed Autonomous Organization”_ concept with a totally different model and no nonsense.

    • Yes indeed, I know but it’s good to make that clear. (I was actually part of the original Slockit DAO.)

  2. DAO’s irresistible appeal shouldn’t be traded for the founder’s lack of foresight and commitment to deliver a sound proposition vs deflecting future BISQ inadequacies to SDLC. Also, presentation in general needs to be more palatable than an empty studio or lack of lighting, should any seeds of success be sowed here…r u f’n kid’n me?!

    • His job is not to wow you with his fancy studio lighting or a polished corporate image… unlike 99% of the new projects in this space, Bisq an actual, working, usable, free, Open Source and robust trading platform that fills an important need *today*. Bisq is a gift to the entire crypto community.

      > r u f’n kid’n me?!
      Your comments suggest that you don’t get what this is at all.

  3. Also would have been interesting to hear Manfred’s take on a tokenized decentralized exchange – like Waves – vs Bisq. I’m sure there are pro’s and cons of each, but getting away from centralized exchanges is progress!

  4. 72:40 arbitrator cud collude with trading peer–>more pernicious: arb cud also BE the trading peer and thus can easily 2-to-1 the dispute in his favor

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