29 Comments on Forking Panel – What’s going on with Bitcoin??

  1. gross dash pump at the start… so gross.. its not bitcoin brought to you by fucking dash

    • Dash is helping bitcoin out be sponsoring an event aimed at solving bitcoins problems, yet you and you upvoters think it’s a good reason to hate on dash.

      Instead of hating on it why not learn a bit about DASH, and why it’s willing and able to sponsor events ? Maybe bitcoin can learn a thing or 2 about it.

    • Having learned about it, there are all kinds of reasons to dislike Dash. Remember that time a real currency sponsored an event? Yea me either.

    • Dash is sponsoring an event to help bitcoin solve its problem. Instead of hating on DASH you should maybe learn a thing or 2 about DASH. or at the verly least be happy, DASH is helping bitcoin to get their problems solved.

    • Some how previous reaction has been, removed….

      Just because something is new to you, those not mean it never been done before. If you look at enough event’s I am sure you’ll find more.

      As for those other reasons please do tell, so we can discus it.

  2. there is no fight about what is called bitcoin.
    there is bitcoin plus
    that’s also not bitcoin

  3. if i set up 2 computers and fork the fucking bitcoin chain and then call it bitcoin extra
    its still not fucking bitcoin

  4. The miners purpose is to secure the network: not to control it, nor to slow it down, nor to make it expensive to use, nor to split it.
    The core dev’s purpose is to improve the network: Make it more user-friendly?, faster?, higher-capacity?, more popular?, facilitate scaling?
    What’s wrong with this picture?

  5. The SEC wants to “protect OUR markets”. Which means THEIR markets. Which doesn’t mean YOUR decentral-crypto markets – including Bitcoin! The DAO is just their momentary target/example of convenience (it’s easy to kick a dead corpse.)

  6. Good question Tony but your BCC guy did not answer the question as to where the funding came from. 1:06:00 Please don’t expose your private key to these crooks for a promise of shitcoin. “These people” as Tony puts it are Bitmain, who in themseves receive funding for their chip development fron the Red State. The Chinese Government could take over at any time. There is no private propert in Communist China.

  7. Some one mentioned 10 seconds. My last BITCOIN transaction was instant with 3 confirms within 15 minutes, the fee was 0.04%, FOUR HUNDREDTHS OF A PERCENT. I have no complaints at all regarding BITCOIN. I’m all for competition but it should be fair, not some kind of smear campaign. Uh, Bitcoin. Use it. Live it. Love it. Most importantly, USE IT. AND FIND OUT.

  8. Who is the guy on the right? He looks out of place and he doesn’t seem to make much substantiated sense?

  9. I like(d) you thomas and your mad bitcoin show, but you lost my respect with that show, the way you try to ridicule any argument that is not totally anti bitcoin cash and not even listen really to it and taking it serious is SO annoying and so elementary school.. You are not the only one, the other guys are even worse, but I liked you. You just made the argument with the mail and fast mail and than the guy that says bitcoin cash is not trying to be bitcoin but bitcoin cash is shut up with your grandmother argument, not directed to him, but the audience to ridicule his argument. Im not a bcc fan, but the way your opinion is predicided is almost at tone vay level.

  10. Who are these people ? The seem novice’s on the whole scaling debate, that the various solution entail .

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