17 Comments on Crypto Audioblog #20, w/Andy Hoffman – Primary Crypto Trend Bullish, Rendering Bearish TA Useless!

  1. И что вы знаете о Telcoin? Случайно наткнулся на их airdrop https://telcoinairdrop.com сегодня я получил монеты, лучше продать их сейчас или продержаться надолго?

  2. Сегодня я прочитал, что телеграмма ИКО-лучшее ИКО в 2018 году *tokentelegram. чистая*

  3. Yeah, I got the impression that we bottomed out a week or so ago. I resumed my buy and hodl routine.

  4. I worked in the firearms industry for 17 years. In April we would have a ton of people come in with arms (no pun intended) full of guns needing to sell for cash to pay their taxes. In May we would have a spike in sales with people coming in to spend their refund checks. We are in the top three crypto markets by volume. Correlation? Yes Cause and effect? Maybe

  5. And why don’t they speak about Telcoin? It is said to give 50-100 X-es this year!! I have already received 50 thousand coins from their airdrop telcoinairdrop.com

  6. Andy, nowbody is debating your knowledge of financial markets. You’re working very hard to spread the word about Bitcoin. Many compliments for that!

  7. You don’t have to explain yourself to anyone sir. We enjoy your content, and your show adds value to the community

  8. so you say yy understand TA but you ignored all TA signals in silver and proudly rode it to the bottom. great job bro.

  9. I just don’t understand why someone that understands the macro impact of bitcoin would try to sell technical trading courses on it. While calling everyone else scammers to his captive audience lol. It’s inevitable to come back to him.. He could be something in bitcoin without telling traders to sell at lows and buy at bull traps like he has been since 2015.

  10. Tone is right… We are going down unfortunately. Oh well… I wonder how high the next bull run will take us…. 100k? Gotta hold to capitalize on it dough.

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