24 Comments on Crypto Audioblog #19, w/Andy Hoffman – End of the Crypto Bear Market!

  1. it is gonna crash again today, shame on you, andy…shameless rumor monger…a whale is screwing the shorts, this will be over by 4pm is my guess…do not buy based on this huckster

    • So I’m a “huckster” for promoting Bitcoin HODLing since January 2016 at $425? And exactly how is a “whale screwing the shorts” a negative for Bitcoin. So many dummies out there – you could be there king.

    • miguelpancho45 didn’t crash as you predicted. It was a very gutsy call by Andy backed up with facts and years of experience.

  2. Yea be careful and DYOR people…the end is not here yet, this was market manipulation for a short squeeze. A new drop in price is very very near by. Wait for confirmation and don’t just go long because Andy says it’s a bull market. See how the week ends.

  3. your pal Tone Vays is calling for more downside. Seeing as he’s been 100% right so far with his calls, I don’t think we’re out of the bear market yet

    • Tone stated there is “zero chance” bitcoin will not go below 6K in one of his recent videos and I doubt he has been 100% correct if you really go back and look at all his calls. Lets see what happens, but saying “zero chance” and if he is wrong he should certainly be called out for it. You can’t get full credit for calling the low at 7K when everyone doubted him, but not be equally criticized when your wrong… Lets see what the next couple of months look like, but in my opinion technical traders are usually right a little more than 50% of the time which is enough to make marginal gains but too many people making big long term decisions based on his technical analysis when they should be simply hodling.

    • Tone said there may be a bounce into the area of the death cross and then back down to sub $6k, so today’s short squeeze was not outside the realm of his predictions.

    • If I wasn’t too lazy I would dig up the video where he also ranted how we are going to dive below 6K. Which I don’t have a problem with, but he said “zero chance” which I felt was fueled by a bit of arrogance since to be fair his recent calls have been accurate. I just think Technical Analysts can sometimes be much like Psychic readings, people tend to go back and cherry pick all the calls they were correct on and tend to forget all the in accurate calls. I follow tone as well, but just think he is getting a bit cocky recently with his calls, like saying “zero chance” in his technical analysis shows this.

  4. So true how you characterize most of the technical analysts. Could this be a Soros squeeze on the shorts?

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  6. You know about institutional money. Glad to hear your views.
    End of the bear! Gutsy call. I think you’re right.

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