18 Comments on Crypto Audioblog #17, w/Andy Hoffman – Bitcoin Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

  1. Thanks for the recap of everything we already knew and no insight as to what is coming.

    • It’s pretty common for experts in their fields to draw upon their experience and knowledge to offer an opinion as to what is likely to happen in the future of that field. I’m not looking for a guarantee just a well formulated opinion with some facts to back it up.

    • Even Tone Vays (who I believe to be the foremost expert on market movements) doesn’t look to far ahead into the future. That’s just irresponsible behavior, especially in this space.

  2. We often accuse people of falsely calling bitcoin a ponzi scheme. We should ourselves not call everything else a ponzi scheme. Look up the definition. There are many arguments against fiat and many altcoins, but they are not ponzis (except bitconnect and a small number of others)

    • Everything else IS a ponzi. Keeping silent while people commit their money to scams is wrong. The Bitcoin ‘community’ should call these frauds out.

    • You’re joking, right? Centralized Pump and dump scams are not Ponzis? Ethereum – whose primary use case is to create pump and dump scams whose primary asset is Ethereum…not a Ponzi? Whose “CEO” can roll back the chain if he wants to help himself?

  3. What is the reason for these podcasts. He is just repeating himself again and again. Same old same old, years trading gold blah, years trading blah My career path blah. No added value to the topic. Sorry Andy, good guy but anything else ?

    • World Crypto Network Unfortunately I have stopped. I thought I’d give it another go today but it’s just the same again. Apologies Andy, I know you are giving your time for this and I should be more constructive. Your 1 on 1 interviews are good.

  4. Not sure how you went all in with BTC. I just cant let go of gold/silver. I feel like Bitcoin would go to zero before gold ever did.

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