12 Comments on Could Bitcoin Reach $60,000 in 2018? – Bitcoin Talk Show (Call in #LIVE: Skype WorldCryptoNetwork)

  1. 1932 there was a riot on the street, tell me where were you? You were sitting home watching your TV, while I was participating in some anarchy.

  2. 10x in 6 months? That could be hard.

    10x on a smc alt like deeponion however is alot more achievable.

  3. Phillip Nunn ripped off Ari Paul”s prediction back in January that btc would hit both 6K and 60K. Ari is the real expert.

  4. Thomas, do you get that the chat is visible below the video – so you can see the chat as you show it without having to capture the video of it.

    • It’s also visible as an overlay. But if your record the chat as part of the video it will always be there on all formats.

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