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  1. 1:19:52 now MadBitcoins and “Loco de la cripta” are talking Imelda. The “great” lady left behind an amazing collection of over 3,000 pairs of shoes when she and her husband fled into exile in 1986. There is a museum of her collection, but only 800 pairs fit in it.

  2. 1:28:05 Don’t support the VCs that are capitalizing on 40 + years of grass roots efforts to legalize cannabis. They have priced out the very people who made it all possible. NEVER buy pot stocks and only buy smoke from co-ops or individual growers. BOYCOTT CORPORATE CANNABIS!

  3. Hearings are not trails. The Kavanaugh hearing is being abused by both parties. There is plenty of info available to the committee. The requests of thousands of pages is little more than a delay tactic. RE Roe vs Wade regardless of who gets onto court that decision will not be rescinded. Both parties use the hollow threat to keep their constituents from thinking too much and realizing how much there are being duped. H.L Menchen put it best “The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by an endless series of hobgoblins, most of them imaginary.”

  4. Andreas never seemed like a scammer, and his Bitcoin contributions are great and numerous, but JWWeatherman is right: it is strange that Andreas took Vitalik’s Refundeum seriously enough to write a book.

    That’s why some folks – maybe the Bitcoin Uncensored bunch – long ago called him Andreas PumpAndDumpolis.

    And that bunch has been with us in Bitcoin since Counterparty or before. So, I don’t agree with the caller who said that JW is too new to say what he did.

    JW is also right about thousands of cryptocurrencies in the world, which Andreas seemed to have advocated before as a viable and even desirable future of money; that simply doubles down on the USD and fiat $h**coins system that exists in the world now.

    Perhaps, Andreas does now have so much credibility, reputation and financial well-being invested in his public opinion, that he can’t afford to call a spade a spade.

  5. The Brazilian museum fire is a tragedy resulting from government gangs interference in free markets, and academia looting the population thru government for scientific research.

    If its collections were privatised and insured, most of their owners would still publicly display them, but not in such dilapidated venues.
    And if some didn’t display, ALL such museums have too many collections to display publicly anyway.

    At least, the relics would have survived in private collections, and went on display eventually, as their owners changed.

  6. 1:02:58 JW Weatherman says Andreas has “checked all of my boxes for functional scammer”, then has the audacity to complain he’s been blocked by him! As far as I’m aware Andreas has been an advocate for competition and innovation which most people would admit a few Alt coins have provided.

    In my opinion it’s inevitable we have to go through the Alt Coin/ICO boom and bust to prove yet again that Bitcoin is anti-fragile. I suspect the price of Bitcoin will only rise substantially when the battle of the coins has been won and 99% of Alt coins have been rekt. Let’s fight the battles and win the war.

  7. I finally subscribed Thomas!! Listened for a long time called never.. It’s like 4AM when u r live and I listen on phone under my pillow to not wake the cook!
    Hit me up if you ever venture south to AU. Really south 🙂 I really like the format you have gravitated to.
    Keep up the good work. Not many like you if any !

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