4 Comments on Bitcoin Talk Show #LIVE (Dec 5, 2018) – Crypto News Talk Price Opinion with your Calls

  1. TA is just market history projected on the now and the future. Also it is an indicator for traders, speculators and common people that are all only interested in making more (fiat) money from the money they put in, through pumping around btc value positions. To me that’s the way of pump and dump, and can even be viewed as rentseeking action, no matter if it’s done in big or small amounts, basically.

    If institionalized investors are going to act the same with bitcoin, btc will even get weaker. If, on the other hand, they will buy and hold to invest btc into work, they are acknowlegding bitcoin’s value. I can imagine they are waiting until bitcoin will have reached its actual value, that is lower than or equal to today’s rational fiat value, which I am estimating at around $3,000, and I hope I’m wrong on this, but it will probably break lower than that ($1,500 to $2,000) to find its way up higher again after that, unless some other stupid bull run is going to happen, like in 2017.

    I am of the opinion that all that game the btc space this way are the weak hands. Btc has the buying power that it is actually worth. Bitcoin will be able to rid itself of this monetary weakness if actual new value (i.e. work, not pumped around positions) is added.

  2. The WCN will rise again the next Bitcoin bull run! Thank you for all ur good work MadBitcoin!
    I just wish you could go back to easier videos, 10 or 15 min or so. Maybe cutting these 2+ hours to smaller videos.

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