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  1. It is always nice and refreshing to listen to your show. Today’s show I enjoyed it thoroughly. I thought the intro was brilliant, you reading a book and then Jordan’s statement made me jump.

    I was living in the Maldives when that massive earthquake, and the consequent tsunami, struck Fukishima, Japan. Then the nuclear power station exploded and the planet was aghast. The following day a self proclaimed “spiritual leader” came to the school where I was working and congregated the entire school in the main hall. This guy began to give a sermon in Dhivehi, the language of the Maldives. I could not understand what the guy was saying, but I could hear it. He started his speech softly softly, but as the time was going by the tone become more a more aggressive and he ended the 20 minutes long speech practically shouting at the school children. I could only read and understand his body language and that was more than enough. I asked several of my colleagues to tell me what the guy spoke, but no one would tell me. Eventually, a guy told me, discretely when no one was around and hear him, what had been said. Basically, he was threatening the kids that they had to do their work and followed obediently what his parents, teachers and elders told them, otherwise the wrath god would create another tsunami in the Indian Ocean and punish them with death. I thought that was child abuse, to coerce the kids, to threaten them with a catastrophe if they dare to disobey their elders. He was invoking a sea monster in the name of his god, whoever that is. I wonder how many kids disobeyed and later realised that no tsunami came after challenging authority.

    It was sheer lunacy from the some of our human greedy rulers to build the nuclear power station in such a place. Personally, I would not call it a sin. In the same way, I disagree with Jordan. A hurricane is *not* an act of god and not to prepare for it is not a sin. Gods are humans constructions and hurricanes, earthquakes and the like are natural phenomena which can be perfectly explained with Physics and Geology. I have not read Jordan’s latest book, but I have heard him in interviews. Without a doubt the guy is well versed and cultivated, but some of his statements crossed the line of rationality into dogma. That makes me jump.

    In my opinion, some traditions are harmful, whereas others are very sensible. It is not always easy to discern the good ones from the dodgy ones.

    I must get a hardware wallet. And if I continue to procrastinate, which is not the same as sinning—no matter what Jordan says, I might have to regret my approach of “I will buy one at some later time” 😉 Thanks a lot for your work.

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  3. All the talk of Soros and no one sees the challenge presented by the Koch’s and their massive organization which is correlated directly to the rise of Trump and the real and present danger we now confront. Read Jane Meyer’s “Dark Money”. Absolutely astonishing.

  4. Love your show. I am loving Invacio at the moment. No doubt it will be massive in 2018. What’s your view on it?

  5. Check out invacio if u haven’t yet it’s gonna change the world and lead to mainstream adoption

  6. Great to see. I’m sure we’re all big Peterson fans. Bitcoin and Peterson seem to be a great fit.

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