Bitcoin News #58 – An interview With Andrew DeSantis

Bitcoin news for the week of Nov 13th with your host @theonevortex and our special guest Andrew DeSantis! (@desantis)

-Segwit2x fork
-Square's Cash App
-Tether situation
-First Lightning Atomic Swap
-New Confidential Transaction paper
-Simplicity Programming Language


24 Comments on Bitcoin News #58 – An interview With Andrew DeSantis

  1. Great show! I think the negative comments are coming from people who barely watched and couldn’t understand if they tried. Deeply philosophical and gives you a new way to view BTC as it heads toward the future.

    • No it really doesnt, last time i listen to him i got the idea he just says simple things in deliberatelly confusing language. People who think this guys is inteligent are not inteligent themselves. You can say “shi*” or you can say “Chemically comprehensive and complex outcome of organic not exclusively bipedal organism digestive-waste systems, in the form or solid, semi-solid sometimes nearly liquid matter”… Its still just “shi*”… If you find someone who uses the later SENTENCE to desribe the former WORD inteligent… well…. maybe he is, but YOU surely arent :-).

  2. Hi , gr8 guest always a mind opener interview when Andrew desantis is involved ..a point coif high claims that e m p aren’t able to take out our systems for his given reasons ! Hey get clif on man ! Thnks again lovein it .

  3. Aaaand Andrew with the u think it , so the info is in the ether statement is clif highs web bot theory ain’t it ?!? ; )

  4. Can someone please connect Andrew with Charlie Booker to help write the next season of Black Mirror? I’d love to see some of these ideas play out in a narrative!

  5. “BTC and BCH… still 21 million… super positions, same things existing in different dimensions.”
    No, they’re 2 different things existing in THIS dimension and we value the hard fork 10 times less.

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