Bitcoin News #54 – Lightning on Horizon, LedgerX Does $1m In First Week, Sweden Gov Accepts Bitcoin

Bitcoin news for the week of Oct 16th with @francispouliot_ @Andy_Hoffman_CG @BitcoinErrorLog and special guest @JackMallers!

-Vote for Tone Vays, Jimmy Song and Thomas Hunt on Coindesk's most influential people
-I did an interview with Andy Hoffman
-Bitcoin reached new ATHs of over $6100!

-With Charlie Lee the creator of Litecoin recently completing some on-chain atomic swaps and the lightning wallets releasing newer and newer versions, and the recent uptick of segwit usage over 17%, how soon can we expect a significant portion of tx's to run over Lightning?

-Now that LedgerX has launched, the first regulated entity to have a unified way to buy and sell Bitcoin via swaps, and monetize the volatility with options, saw over $1million in trading derivatives in the first week, what does this mean for the ecosystem?

-Sweden has become the first country in the world to settle debit in bitcoin, how long until other countries follow suit?



18 Comments on Bitcoin News #54 – Lightning on Horizon, LedgerX Does $1m In First Week, Sweden Gov Accepts Bitcoin

  1. WCN continues to serve up excellence in Bitcoin info, on a daily and weekly basis. Thank You. Happy Hodling.

  2. How much of this move is from bitcoin gold and maybe 2X forks and free money vs alts? That’s the question…

  3. Andy Hoffman is the rudest person. If he doesn’t agree with your opinion he gets nasty and actually threatens you…. don’t listen to him anymore….

  4. I really need someone to help me get into crypto…. Anyone here have any experience with quadrigacx in Canada?? Where or can I reliably buy Bitcoin through PayPal??

    • You can’t get bitcoin through paypal right now, you’ll have to either go to an exchange, or use

  5. Lots of great points! My favorite was Andy saying that Bitcoin adoption will change the political hierarchy of nations.

  6. Hey guys, let’s ignore all the interesting outstanding unsolved technical problems out there concerning how Lightning could actually work in practice, and scam people into thinking they’re going to actually be using it soon to do anything productive, by having some kid who knows how to code a simple user-facing program act as a fake expert!

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