10 Comments on Bitcoin Marketing Department: Day 1 – Elevator Pitches #LIVE (Skype WorldCryptoNetwork)

  1. Guarantees that your savings get not wiped out no matter what laws and governments appear in the future…

  2. “…they become rich and powerful by WANTING to be rich and powerful”. “You must not confuse being good with being liked”…. Blah, blah.
    You must not confuse excelling at something with being good. Big difference. (Does Arden get that, bring that point home at all?)
    Kant: There is only one good without qualification – good will. Excellence in something is fine, but it depends…

  3. Functions like cash, but you dont have to handle the dollar that some guy fished out of a sewer yesterday.

  4. I did some pitches and 70% of the time it came down to the pitchee stating in the end more or less something like: “well, I am not going to get into it, because I would only make those people richer, who already have some bitcoin.” … this always leaves me speechless. It is true, of course, but WHAT to answer to a statement like this ??

    • So these people are happy to make the bankers richer instead? Amazing how short some people’s memories can be. Ask the question again during the next financial crisis.

  5. Such a good episode! What I like most is the fact that you do what you like and you do not take NO for an answer.
    Excellent work MadBitcoins.

  6. Just a thought as I’m watching this… it seems like there needs to be a different elevator pitch for different people. Like as a sales or marketing guy you find the pain points of your potential client and then you match up your products strengths to their pain points to solve. I.e. pitch to a store owner might be different from a homeless guy might be different than a big time investor might be different than a family guy might be different than a college student…etc. it seems like we ought to create a pitch for each kind of audience to tune it to their needs.

  7. India – he may not want people to accuse him of having crypto and raiding his house … because Indian law

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