8 Comments on Bitcoin Jesus says Don’t #DeleteCoinbase – Samsung intros 10M to Cryptos – BTS #LIVE (3-11-2019)

  1. 5:23 Bitcoin price
    6:28 Bitcoin Jesus: Don’t Delete Coinbase
    7:44 Samsung Pay cryptocurrency Integration
    8:38 Zuckerberg discovers privacy
    11:33 FBI Nabs OneCoin Ringleader
    16:31 Bitcoin bullmarket $350 away
    18:42 Bitcoin at Starbucks?
    20:13 Gab Dissenter
    28:47 Sharing economy a scam?
    37:51 Caller
    48:55 Caller/Canadian Tax cryptocurrency questionnaire
    1:38:15 Automation/UBI

  2. Nice show I do miss the group chats though with all the old people… Theo Goodman tone vays and others

  3. Deliver us from the Ferengi spirit!
    I think UBI can happen if we dare to share in a universal way the abundance which is currently distributed quite inhumanely, eufemistically calling it amoral. Maybe we’ll be lucky enough some day to discover and realise that competitive living (market thinking and acting) is enslaving people to maintain this current Ferengi state of affairs. At that point there could be a start for living our lives in abundance having overcome the reign of these amoral actors.

  4. Does anyone else get ball-powdering adds on here, or is it targeted to just “my profile”?

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