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    • When I was making fun of what a bad job they are doing I was being facetious because of how well the price is doing.

    • Приветствую. Хотите, чтобы ваши торги на бинарных опционах приносили вам ошеломительный результат? Тогда смотрите мое видео. За 7 лет торгов я создал стратегию, которая успешна в 80% случаев

  1. Can someone cut that part of Thomas talking about shutting down a tx-foundational-crypto by banning merchants from accepting it?

  2. Excellent. There were so many well articulated arguments and statements this video. Mr. Hunt, Vortex, and Mr. Anderson, and that one viewer absolutely nailed it.

  3. Mr. Hunt, at one point you invited Roger Ver. Sure I suppose that is wise but I am getting tired of his emotional attempts at scamming others away from bitcoin.

    I really want you to invite Peter Schiff. Now that would be something.

  4. 1:0406 Two major mistakes Bruce did there was first his bad atitude and second was not mentioning that no state doesn’t mean no rules/laws

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