An Interview with Pierre Rochard about how to improve Coinbase Bitcoin Exchange

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32 Comments on An Interview with Pierre Rochard about how to improve Coinbase Bitcoin Exchange

  1. 2:47 Pierre joins
    3:13 Why should Coinbase implement segwit and why haven’t they?
    5:39 How did Coinbase become an altcoin promoting monster?
    9:30 Coinbase taking on way too much?
    14:11 Why would Coinbase hire site engineers from Google?
    15:48 Migrating Coinbase database to postgresql
    17:20 Has Coinbase chosen a bad architecture?
    18:34 Move GDAX to dedicated equinix co-location
    21:47 Toshi cryptokitty ETH team pivot to Lightning development
    23:37 Coinbase operating just to stay alive?
    27:04 Does Coinbase not see issues with chasing altcoin profits?
    31:38 Coinbase secure hardware wallet
    35:26 Cryptokitty Ether huffing.™
    37:40 Sponsoring Bitcoin Core developers
    41:35 Coinbase IPO
    44:40 Add more fiat currencies/Speculative attack
    48:29 Move Coinbase headquarters to Austin, TX
    50:18 What if you were CEO and found they had no money?
    51:08 Why does Ethereum suck?
    54:53 Could Coinbase let you put purchased BTC directly into a lightning channel?
    57:23 Quick Q&As
    58:52 Additional comments/Contact info

  2. Not true about free withdrawals fom gdax. Iv used it many many times to withdraw and am charged a fee. That is why i dont even bother moving to gdax to withdraw anymore. The only difference is gdax doesnt show u a fee amount when u withdraw but when u check your transaction history on coinbase u will def see that a fee was charged

  3. I love bitcoin but u guys are dreaming if u think bitcoin is going to be the future if its issues arnt dealt with yesterday. I mean even upping the blocksize 1mb to relieve some pressure until 2nd layer is ready or something. A problem delayed is a problem solved. Coins like raiblocks are going to give bitcoin a run for the money

  4. Why would we want this embarrassment of a fintech company to improve? We need more, better alternatives. Competition drives innovation and improvement, not a mob of users dependent on the shitty system beckoning for change.

  5. Does Gemini have SegWit? The twins should be interested in Bitcoin-advances since they own 1% of the Bitcoin-supply?

  6. As per Jimmy Song: it’s good to have many units like bits when dealing with BTC so they look cheap to newbs. When the same logic is applied to a coin like XRP, it’s a bad thing, its dooping them because its only a physiological benefit. Is there a difference? I want to make sure I’m understanding this correctly.

    • brady nields . . . So they look cheap? Jimmy never said that. It’s for the ease of use. Denomination so we don’t commit mistakes in the number of zeroes in a BTC transaction. It’s so that we get ready for the time we can buy a cup of coffee with our BTC with ease, fast and low fees. That time will come I’m sure of it.

    • Makes sense on the payment side, but I thought his reference to unit bias can go both ways. You can have .3BTC or a higher whole unit number of bits, or 5,000XRP instead of a fraction of a bitcoin. So could using bits for bitcoin cause people to want to purchase more bits to achieve a higher whole unit amount?

  7. I believe people are buying Bitcoin for the wrong reasons right now. People still view Bitcoin as a way to make millions because that is what the media uses to hype it up. What Bitcoin was originally designed to do was give users financial sovereignty and an alternative to the banking sector. Altcoins that boast about cheap and fast transactions are exploiting this nonsense to sell their tokens more than ever. Until we move away from this paradigm, people will continue to demonize Bitcoin for its flaws and inefficiencies (which all others alts will eventually face).

  8. 7 Core Principles of #Bitcoin
    1) 21 Million coin hardcap.
    2) No censorship.
    3) Open-Source
    4) Permissionless
    5) Pseudonymous
    6) Fungible
    7) Irreversible Transactions

  9. Thomas I think Armstrong should hire you. I counted around 3 marvelous idea coming from you on how to improve coinbase.

  10. Coinbase will fail eventually when mobile (peer to peer, on the street) trading will be big enough (funded by the community) to do away with greedy companies like coinbase. Technology is just spinning with great minds in an almost infinite (7 billion potential) pool of awesome peer to peer collaborations. Banks are done and centralized crypto businesses are just a means to moving on. Catch up in crypto is impossible. Lets just have fun creating great things on Blockchains that truly benefits humanity and mother earth..

  11. A simple way to improve coinbase would be simply to lower fees first of all! They are far too extortionate and it shows when GDAX which is a sister site has much lower fees that they can still be profitable when charging much lower fees. Secondly with the ideas that Ethos is hoping to implement in the next year coinbase really needs to start accepting more altcoins for fiat transactions. However, having said that it does allow new entrants into the market an easy way to buy in but i am sure they will quickly switch when they see the extortionate fees. They should perhaps implement categories for coins so say for example i wanted to buy a coin for payments then i would see maybe Ripple or Utrust and if i wanted to buy privacy coins i might see Monero, Dash, Verge and DeepOnion.

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