5 Comments on $6250 – Bitcoin Talk Show — Your Calls, Answered #LIVE (Skype WorldCryptoNetwork)

  1. HUGE fan. Live below your means. I live in my Toyota Prius. been living in it for almost five years. All the money I have not paid in rent over the last five years has gone into Bitcoin. Now, I can live anywhere I want, however I want. But I still live in my Toyota Prius, like nothing has changed.

    • Cool! I lived in a van (mostly in Africa) and on 2 boats (in succession, all over the world) for 20+ years. No regrets whatsoever!

  2. A hamburger costs so little because animal life is worth zero. In fact, we hate that they have to be fed – so a living animal is worth less than $0. Costs can only be recouped after you kill it. The only good (or valuable) animal is a dead animal. Mm-Mm good!

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